F1 | Australian Grand Prix – Sainz and Ferrari take a gamble in the final: their rivals’ reactions [ TEAM RADIO ]

Aware of the five-second penalty, Ferrari tried everything with Sainz at the end of the Australian Grand Prix.

Ferrari Signs
Carlos Sainz: Ferrari driver penalized by five seconds at the end of the Australian Grand Prix. Credits: Formula1.com

Appear Strong disappointment Sainz’s words about the penalty kick, while mathematically correct, were more than likely Exaggerated Given the terms of the bid.

it can not be. They have to wait for the trip to finish and then discuss it with me. It’s only ten minutes”, the Spaniard opened on the radio.

Ferrari, at that point, knew the five seconds would be up weigh yourself like a rock On the 55th run, A.J conservation strategy At least put points.

Once the red flag system is over, the cars will, in fact, be due You pass under the checkered flag behind the safety car. With the individual seats integrated behind the safety car, the Spaniard found himself in a car worst case possible.

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So, the only possibility is that Open an unlikely hole With cars that follow the SF-23. The regulation allows, in fact, to Move away from the single seat in front of you For a distance equivalent to 10 cars is about 55 meters.

carlos, Let’s try to open a 10-car gap with AlonsoRiccardo Adami suggests to Sainz.

Keep your distance and in the last batch and reduce the gap to a minimum. K2 mode will be at your disposal“.

The plan laid out by Ferrari, though Big gambleIt would have worked if he had one of his trackers We are taken by surprise From Sainz’s last sprint.

Unfortunately for the Spaniard, the communications with his engineer were a shamEven heard by rival teamswho immediately warned the pilots to get ready.

Aston Martin works as a team:

The first interesting conversation took place Among the drivers of Aston Martin and their engineers.

Fernando Alonsowhich was ahead of his SF-23 countryman, suffered Urge the team to notify Stroll To stay as close to Sainz as possible.

Make sure he crosses the finish line close enoughOtherwise, everything will be uselessAlonso instructs over the radio.

spears You must be related to SainzPaste them on the sinks, pleaseThen the box contacts the Canadian.

Tell Fernando about it Keep it closed behind youWander then replies.

Don’t worry, Alonso obviously already knows everything. Make sure you are within five seconds of Sainz but don’t corner him. Stay connected but in the back, not on the sideThe engineer explains over the radio, indicating that driving alongside other vehicles is prohibited during the Safety Car system.

Hulkenberg gives hope to Sainz and Ferrari:

Australia Hulkenberg
Hulkenberg stops his Haas at the end of the Australian Grand Prix: what Sainz and Ferrari were hoping for.

What happened next with Hulkenberg He restarted it Ferrari hopeswho saw the chance of the plan drawn up with Sainz succeeding.

I’m sure we’ll relate to Carlos. It will eventually endGerman explains over the radio.

I think too– confirms the engineer.But be sure to stay close to him. The situation is very strange and anything can happen“.

Needless to say, Just enough time to get over the first curves behind the safety car and Hulkenberg opens via radio.

No guys! I can not believe that! The engine is goneOn the twenty-seventh by radio.

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“You should be able to finish the race,” the engineer tries to reassure.

But it’s going very slowly! Now I’ve also lost the gearboxThe German answers nervously as he sees Carlos slowing down in front of him.

Then Haas managed it However, he crossed the finish line three seconds behind Sainz, overtaking the Ferrari driver. German Then he pulled to the side of the track near Turn 2. On the other hand, if Hulkenberg’s car stalled when the race had not finished, The pilots following her would have been wasting timewhich generates the situation the Ferrari garage is hoping for.

Tsunoda gets distracted, and picks it up on the radio:

The last to take advantage of Sainz’s penalty was Kahn Yuki Tsunoda. AlphaTauri standard-bearer crossed the finish line in Eleventh placeThen get a point after the Spaniard touchdown.

When the safety car returns, stay glued to the package, We have to be as close to Sainz as possible”, they explain to the Japanese from the box.

Tsunoda, perhaps unaware that the race will end under the Safety Car system, opens over the radio just before the last corner.

But what do we do?he asked. His engineer’s response was quick, prompting him to move closer to the group.

Yuki, you have to push, come closer!The Japanese reacted in time, and they were able to take tenth place.

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