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australian gp
Credits: Pirelli Motorsport Media District

At the chaotic Australian Grand Prix, marked by three red flags, Max Verstappen for the third time in the season triumphed over Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes and Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin. An Australian weekend to completely forget for Charles Leclerc, straight outside after several corners, Carlos Sainz penalizing and finishing 12th on arrival. But let’s see the voices of the champions of the Australian Grand Prix, the third round of the World Championship Formula 1 2023.

Max Verstappen 9. Not as perfect as in the first two races, the Dutchman who wins, despite red flags thwarting his advantage over his pursuers. At first he was surprised by Russell and after a few corners by Hamilton as well, then he easily regained the lead thanks to Red Bull and stopped the No. 63 Mercedes. He clinches his third victory of the season (the 37th of his career), and is relentlessly moving towards a triumphant ride to claim his third world title.

Credits: Pirelli Motorsport Media District

Lewis Hamilton 8.5. Like Russell, he outpaced Verstappen through the first lap, bringing the insiders and enthusiasts back into the battles of 2021. Passed by the Dutchman, he managed second place and first podium of the season without difficulty and with proverbial skill.

Fernando Alonso 8. Third consecutive podium for the Asturians, at the Australian Grand Prix, less glamorous than in other Grands Prix, but with skill and luck regains the third place it occupied in qualifying, and then finds it again thanks to the stewards’ decision to punish Sainz who had taken him off the track on the occasion of his second passing.

Lance Stroll 7. Without overdoing it and without struggling, he got on P4 behind his teammate, catching Carlos Sainz in the world standings with 20 points.

Sergio Perez 6. Starting from the back, and with Red Bull, it was reasonable to expect more from the Mexican. He was pardoned by the race’s direction decision in the closing stages, given that with his error on the second restart he was back in last place.

Lando Norris 7. McLaren 2023 is clearly punishing the talent of the Englishman who, however, triumphs on P6 which certainly boosts morale for the rest of the season.

Credits: Pirelli Motorsport Media District

Nico Hulkenberg 7.5.1. Unlike the first two races, where he disappeared in the race after shining in qualifying, at the Australian Grand Prix he showed an excellent performance, overwhelmingly winning the confrontation with Magnussen.

Oscar Biastri 6.5. The first points of the season are also for the Australian who recovers on his home track to P8 from the final P16.

Guanyu Zhou 6. Not a performance to remember for the Chinese from Alfa Romeo who, however, have the advantage of not making any mistakes and profiting from the mistakes and tragedies of others.

Yuki Tsunoda 6. The points area is more a combination of favorable events than actual advantages for the Japanese who, if nothing else, win the first points of the season.

Valtteri Bottas 5.5.0 update. Starting at the bottom he didn’t have a lot of pretensions. In fact, it ends up with Sainz being the only one to be punished.

Australian Grand Prix
Credits: Pirelli Motorsport Media District

Carlos Sainz 6. He made a great start passing compatriot Alonso, being a victim (as well as Russell) of the first red flag that nullified his early stop. Without losing heart, he started to win back positions back on P4, only then touched Alonso on the occasion of the last restart. He was penalized by five seconds and with the race finished under the Safety Car system he ended up in P12.

Pierre Gasly 5. Part 1 Australian GP of 8 for ex-Frenchman Alpha Tauri, who stays permanently in the top 6. Then in the final stroke his performance finally destroys against Ocon putting an end to the two’s race.

Esteban Ocon 6. His race, with relative access to the points area, was ruthlessly destroyed by his teammate.

Nick DeVries 5. A step back for the Dutchman compared to recent outings that look different from those he’s admired in Formula E.

Sergeant Logan 5.5. Same goes for Magnussen. He doesn’t shine and is outpaced by his teammate as long as the latter is in the race.

Australian Grand Prix
Credits: Pirelli Motorsport Media District

Kevin Magnussen 5. The Dane would rather be anonymous all weekend. He has the “feature” of reviving the end of the race by retiring a few laps from the end.

George Russell 8. The most unfortunate palmist at the Australian Grand Prix is ​​undoubtedly the Englishman from Mercedes. When the lights went out, Verstappen stunned by leading the first corner, then the red flag botched his strategy and on the restart his power unit broke, interrupting his return.

Alexander Albon 4.5.1. Anglo-Tai thwarts his excellent qualifying when he ends up hitting the barriers after a few laps. In hindsight, there was a real shame because the potential for heavy points wins existed.

Charles Leclerc 4. He gets everything wrong by showing a very unsettling nervousness. In qualifying, incorrect timing did not allow Wall to take full advantage of two fast laps, and find his teammate in front. Then in the race he starts well but gets overzealous and ends up hitting innocent Stroll and ending his race in the gravel.

Australian Grand Prix
Credits: Pirelli Motorsport Media District

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