F1 | Australian GP – Racing strategies: one stop or two stops? unknown granules

Racing strategies are very important to get an excellent result. Especially in city circuits, like Melbourne, they can make the difference to victory. There are likely to be overtaking opportunities on the Australian track, also thanks to the three DRS zones. Looking at the Australian Grand Prix, let’s analyze the racing strategies thanks to the Pirelli data.

Australian GP Racing Strategies
Credits: Pirelli

The Australian Grand Prix returns After a two year hiatus due to Covid, with some changes to the track. Pirelli brings vehicles here C2 how to continue c 3 as average and C5 soft. The jump mix And it seems unlikely that the softer tires will be used during the race. Australian GP Racing Strategies

Tires available for pilots

Australian GP Tires
Tires available for drivers [Credits: Pirelli]

All riders have at least one new one at their disposal, In Red Bull, they have two new ones and in McLaren, Williams, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin one new and one used. As for trains? medium tires, Only two Mercedes, Ferrari, Alpine and Alpha Tauri cars are available; All the other teams have a bunch of new brokers, except for Haas and Aston Martin who have a used one.

Possible Strategies

Australian GP Strategies
Possible strategies for the Australian race [Credits: Pirelli]

The fastest strategy Referred to by Pirelli expectations one stop, Medium compound at the start and tough in the second part of the race. of large-scale strategic data useful Compared to those who have two stations. However, teams will need to keep tabs on granulation.

While degradation is not a major problem, Teams encountered serious problems during free practice. This problem occurs when Tires are not up to temperature. With little grip on the asphalt, tires tend to slip and lumps form on the tread. When these blocks break, little pits tend to form, which they go into Affect tire quality and performance.

In case of critical issues, teams can choose challenging media strategy, Extra stops and try to make up for lost time in stops with cooler tires. It will be necessary to monitor the possible entrance to one of them Safety car or virtual safety car, Not out of the question at the Australian Grand Prix, a factor that could change the playing cards. Finally, you may choose some teams difficult media strategy, Consider the tires they have available.

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