F1 Australia, excluding Adelaide Circuit: Senna chicane, city heritage

The proposal made by the mayor has been revised: the areas around the F1 ring will be redeveloped and the process of including “Senna Chicane” within the city’s cultural heritage will begin

The Adelaide Street Circuit is safe and will not be demolished. Despite initial concerns about a proposal – called “Reimagining Victoria Park” – put forward on Tuesday 12 October by an alderman named Greg Mackie, there will be no shutdown in the end. It has passed ‘Yes’ to resettle green space in areas close to the road and to prepare a process for including a section of the Australian Trail in the city’s cultural heritage list, in particular Sina Chicken.

The proposal was divided into two parts and approved

After the media backlash that hit the city, the proposal was revised. The area will be redeveloped without dismantling the circle and inclusion of some parts of the circle, such as the aforementioned Sina Chekani, will later be assessed as the “Historical Heritage of the City”. The goal now is to bring world motorsport back to Adelaide with controls that require a scaled-down version of the track, such as Formula E.

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