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F1 Australia, Adelaide circuit in danger of disappearing

In the Australian city, a proposal has been made in City Hall to change the area of ​​Victory Park where the old circuit is located. Legends like Cena won this track

F1 wrote unforgettable pages on the Adelaide Street circuit: for example, Ayrton Senna’s victory under the flood in 1991 – the second shortest GP in history (24:34) after the last one at Spa – or the runaway title. Nigel Mansell in 1986, in a three-way duel with Nelson Beckett and Alain Prost that Frenchman McLaren eventually won. An almost entirely 3.8 km street circuit was built in Victory Park, which hosted the F1 Australian GP in versions from 1985 to 1995, before being re-proposed as a racing track for the Adelaide 500 Supercars from 1999 to March 2020. Today’s news, though, is that it could be dismantled .

movement to cancel the circle

TheAdelaide AdvertiserOn Tuesday, October 12, 2021, City Councilman Greg Mackie will present a motion to change the Victory Park area. Thus listening to a group of residents who would like to see the unused green spaces abolished due to the old city circuit. Mackey himself defines the area as an “urban heat island in the summer months” and wants to create a new management plan. “I will ask management to prepare a report to achieve a new landscaping solution,” Mackey commented to the city newspaper, which eventually provides shady services to park users, now that there are no longer horse races and more: “A plan that does not necessarily presuppose the removal of all the hardest surfaces, But this can reduce it.”

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Opposition leader wants to stop Mackie

Local opposition leader Peter Malinauskas is trying to stop him but there won’t be an easy time, despite an agreement already signed with Supercars to bring the series back in March 2022 if he is elected that same month in the next state election. “I don’t do it because I’m a fan of motorsports – Malinauskas said on the radio FiveAA Adelaide – But because I think the district can generate new jobs, as well as being in a large part of the city. We Labor want the city to come back to life after Covid, and Macy’s is just crazy ideas.”

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