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F1 | Australia 2003, Coulthard’s last victory – Formula 1

David Coulthard He continued his career until 2008, with a move in 2005 from McLaren Mercedes to Red Bull. However, his last victory dates back to 2003, at the start of the season in Melbourne, at the Australian Grand Prix held on March 9th.

Triumph came from afar, specifically from 11th on the net, due to the somewhat disappointing Q2. When Ferraris flew into two qualifying rounds, with Michael Schumacher managing Rubens Barrichello, McLaren, Mercedes Scotsman and teammate Kimi Raikkonen were in trouble. The Finn in particular made a mistake during the second quarter.

The race began in Melbourne with completely unpredictable weather conditions. The rain that had fallen before the start was shuffling the leaves. After the start, there were several surprises: Barrichello retired due to an accident, while Ralph Ferman, together with Jordan and Cristiano da Mata, together with Toyota, got into the safety car. Later, Mark Webber, the home idol on board a Jaguar, was forced to stop at the track due to the failure of the rear suspension, which led to a new entrance for the safety car. Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher, Who was driving the race, had to stop in the pits, stay late; So it was half way through the race Juan Pablo Montoya With Williams-BMW topping the Australian Grand Prix. Meanwhile, McLaren made their way on dry tires, and are back in the top spots. However, Raikkonen missed his winning chance by bypassing the pit lane speed limit, leading to a penalty kick. Finn was also the protagonist in a wheeled duel with Michael Schumacher, in which the German Ferrari had to pass the lawn on the track, an exit responsible for breaking his right reflector.

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It seemed like an easy win for him Juan Pablo Montoya, Abundantly ahead of Pursuit Coulthard. But the first corner turn, which happened in an instant without a certain pressure, led the Scotsman to overtake the Colombian. A lucky victory, but also the result of perseverance, as a diligent worker in the circus. Extremely disappointed, Montoya took second place against Raikkonen: on the podium, tall faces outnumbered Coulthard’s cunning smile, winning the first podium without a Ferrari after 53 Grand Prix – a streak that started in the 1999 Malaysian Grand Prix. First podium All Michelin Since the French tire manufacturer has returned to Formula 1 as a competitor to Bridgestone – the manufacturer’s Maranello supplier.

Michael Schumacher finished fourth, ahead of Jarno Trulli (Renault), Heinz Harald Frantzen (Sauber), Fernando Alonso (Renault) and his brother Ralph in second place, Williams.

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