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Our last 2 It is one of the most impressive games seen in recent years from a graphical point of view, especially in terms of character modeling and animation, and there are details that can show how much time has also been invested in Create details small like Characters’ eyes.

New development details from obedient dog It was revealed in Seagrave 2020 Last March, but now appeared to publish various presentations. During the event, Artistic Director Waylon Brink and Artistic Artist Stephen Tang explained some of the specific features of the development of The Last of Us 2 in particular regarding the treatment of different characters’ eyes and gaze.

In The Last of Us 2, making the eyes of the characters required extra work
In The Last of Us 2, making the eyes of the characters required extra work

Apparently, it was an experience longer than expected: As reported by the developers, at first it was possible to get the best results only in the presence of certain lighting conditions and shots, which led to the development of the entire Naughty Dog Application process In order to specifically improve the eye area.

The idea was to be able to create something with a “longer life” than the original models. After a period of research, new technologies such as type shaders have been introduced Screen space shadow In proportion to the eyelashes and eyelids, in order to make the depth better.

As a derivation from this work on the eyes, the special effect of the eyes reflected on the various objects found in The Last of Us 2, such as the injured, has also been included. It all started with studying some of the stuffed wolves present in the scenario, but the end effect was so positive that it also extended to other creatures: basically, the developers created new bits of code in order to implementiridescent effect The pupils reflect light like those of nocturnal animals, and they also use it for afflicted.

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The Last of Us 2 celebrated its first anniversary in recent days, while you wait for news about the upcoming Naughty Dog action, which could be a standalone multiplayer game.

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