Extreme Networks is the official resource for the Berlin Olympic Stadium

extreme networks It is the official solution provider Wi-Fi for the Berlin Olympic Stadium, together with partner PKN Datenkommunikations, ahead of the EURO 2024 Football Championship. Extreme will implement a high-performance Wi-Fi 6 network that will meet UEFA’s requirements for venue and infrastructure.

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin, within the Olympic Park, was opened on August 1, 1936. It is one of the largest stadiums in Germany for international sporting events and football matches, and was the scene of the victory of the Italian national team. 2006 World Cup.

The public installation will be Europe’s first and largest for Wi-Fi 6 technology, and will meet all the connectivity needs of viewers, staff and media attending concerts and sporting events for years to come. In addition, you will also manage the mission-critical station communication.

Key Benefits:

  • High-performance Wi-Fi for a better experience by the spectatorsWith the installation of ExtremeSwitching and more than 1,000 ExtremeWireless access points, which allow 75,000 seats to be covered, the Olympic Stadium in Berlin provides a reliable Wi-Fi connection capable of managing real-time social media sharing, video streaming, and mobile usage applications, including those Point of sale and ticket offices.
  • scalable connection and safeExtreme Fabric Connect, the solution that allows you to design, build, manage and troubleshoot networks, simplifies the development of new services such as automatic configuration of new access points and network segmentation to separate the activity of business users and bystanders. In addition, ExtremeGuest onboarding provides viewers with seamless access to Wi-Fi services with a very simple login process and social media integration.
  • simplification subordinate gNetwork management and maintenance: The ultimate management software for the Berlin Olympic Stadium allows all infrastructure to be managed from a single dashboard, which provides the IT team with complete visibility across the network and an easier process to deploy, scale and manage services.
  • Real-time insights and analyticsExtremeAnalytics provides an accurate view of how users, devices, and applications interact with your Wi-Fi network. Accessing this data allows the Berlin Olympic Stadium to obtain valuable usage information and to improve network capabilities to improve the experience for spectators and officials.
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In the US, Extreme has been the official Wi-Fi solution provider for the National Football League since 2013 and Major League Baseball since 2021, and thus can draw on solid experience installing Wi-Fi networks to serve football viewers. entertainment events.

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