“Extra €1,200” March gift is the return of Renzi’s bonus

A nice present coming in your March paycheck is the much-awaited return of the Renzi bonus.

But let’s see what happens to that long-awaited bounty that seemed to be gone and came back instead. At the end of last year, the Draghi government implemented two major reforms on the financial front. These two reforms are the new 4-tier personal income tax and the individual check.

Through these two profound revolutions of the Italian tax authorities, the Draghi government wanted to achieve different goals. The first is one Simplification by passing from 5 to 4 rates and the second is less tax burden, given that Italians will benefit on average from this reform of 260 euros each. But the other major reform is that of the single universal allowance that helps families with children with monthly payments that fit two criteria. these Two factors are the ISEE of the family unit and the number of dependent children actually. So the greatest benefit will be given to less affluent families with many children. But Renzi’s bonus does not disappear with this fix, on the contrary, it returns in March.

welcome back

The Renzi bounty was created under the Renzi government many years ago, but it has always been confirmed and even reinforced. In fact, Renzi’s reward was equal to 80 euros, but over time it was raised to 100 euros. Well, 1200 euros a year, which, however, is not owed to everyone. So it is important to understand who will get the Renzi bonus and who will not. It all depends on income groups. In fact, the first group will definitely benefit from Renzi’s reward; This has now been made clear by various circulars issued by the Revenue Agency.

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Who benefits and who does not?

until the The second category will benefit from the Renzi bonus. But in this case, it will be necessary to make a specific calculation on the individual taxpayer by comparing the tax with deductions. In fact, by making this calculation in relation to the second tranche, it will be understood who is entitled to the Renzi bonus and who is not.. But in fact, many taxpayers in the second category could also be entitled to a reduced Renzi bonus. So it all depends on what other discounts you enjoy. As for the upper brackets, Renzi is rewarded.

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But to make ends meet, you need one check. In fact, not requesting the individual allowance (and only 3 out of 10 families requesting it) eventually the account loses. Especially for those who have more children. So it’s also important to ask for the individual allowance because in any case, deductions for children, whether you ask for it or not, disappear from the paycheck.

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