(Extinct) Tasmanian tiger seen in Australia: TikTok video splits the web

“it’s a Tasmanian Tiger? asks a stunned driver at the wheel of a Melbourne street Australia at Video account subscriber tik tok @andy_b11 who really sparked the web’s curiosity.

In the movie you see a file Animal Vaguely reminiscent of the Tasmanian tiger – which became extinct in the 20th century – along the pier. It appears to have stripes on its back, just like the extinct marsupial, but it could also be a fox with mange or a malnourished dog as most of the comments suggest.

In fact, the animal in the video is about 1 meter in length and about 50 cm in length. It is more like a dog or a fox than a Tasmanian tiger, which is 100-130 cm in length and 50 cm in length. 30 kg

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The Tasmanian tiger, what is it and when did it become extinct

there Tasmanian TigerIn Italian it is also called Tasmanian tigersThe Tasmanian wolf or marsupial wolf was a carnivorous marsupial animal that lived in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea that became extinct during The first half of the twentieth century. After its extinction in Australia, it survived in Tasmania Until the 1930s, along with other endemic species such as the Tasmanian devil. The Tasmanian tiger looked like a large, short-haired dog, with small, pointed ears on its back. The last Tasmanian tiger,”Benjamin‘, on display at the Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart on September 7, 1936, just two months after the species gained protected status. Despite this, they’ve been reporting regularly for years Reports of people claiming to have discovered a sample.

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