Exposed photos in Brazil

Finally, the Stellantis Group’s Jeep house, after various previews related to the Renegade’s restyling, has revealed the first images, which come from the Brazilian branch of the brand. The ongoing update is the second update to the car, the previous one being dated 2018.

And so we can see in the newly released teaser video What will the 2022 edition of Renegade look like; house make different the changes Both inside and outside the car, a new engine will likely also be added to the range. But we are waiting for all the updates from Jeep.

Changes made to the new 2022 Jeep Renegade

In the teaser video of the new Jeep Renegade, published in recent days by the Brazilian branch of the brand, it is possible to see the entire car. The house shows some design changes inside and out. In the previous video (this is actually the second posted), where the car was still camouflaged, the focus was on Off-road rated Trail, the highest in its class.

Among the design changes are a new grille and new LED taillights. The 2022 model will also have a new steering wheel and a new complete digital instrument cluster. The video starts as a file T270 4×4 insignia, This reinforces the message that the model is now equipped with the new engine (in Brazil, the T270). Pictures of the car in action are then shown, attesting to the excellent performance of the model.

After that, all the details and some of the innovations introduced by the house began to appear, such as the new grille and new headlights with DRL (Daytime Running Light) in motion with the arrow function. We also see a scene of the new Jeep Renegade traveling fearlessly through an off-road road, and aftermarket images of the dashboard with a multimedia screen, as well as New and modern three-spoke steering wheel, taken from his sister Jeb Compass.

First pictures of the new 2022 Jeep Renegade

The interface has been updated, and in the new Renegade version it is more 3D, with the seven items in the guide. The front fascia features renewed air intakes and a redesigned dashboard, with colored elements evoking the tone of the bodywork. Also Alloy wheels have a new design, Completely unpublished. In the photos we see the orange shade chosen for the bodywork, as opposed to the black roof.

New Jeep Renegade in Europe

Despite the various developments that talk about the Jeep Renegade also being updated in Europe (which comes after the special edition launched last June)At the moment, we do not yet know when the update will arrive on the Old Continent. The Renegade is the queen and flagship of the best-selling compact SUV, also in 2021. In addition to the aesthetic redesign, the new model will also bring improvements in onboard safety, technology and performance systems. And it will remain an icon.

The European Jeep Renegade will have the same model as the Brazilian car but will probably come with FireFly’s new 1.5-cylinder four-cylinder (T5) engine Instead of the current 1.3, in a mild hybrid version (it can have 130 or 160 hp). We look forward to all the updates that the house offers and are waiting New Renegade Brand Launch Also in Europe.

Jeep unveils the new Renegade

Jeep Unveils New Renegade: Redesign & News for 2022

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