Explosion near Israeli embassy in India – reported incident

Explosion Near Israeli Embassy in New Delhi Under Investigation

An explosion shook the area near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, India, earlier today. However, there were no casualties reported from the incident, which is currently being investigated by the New Delhi police and Israeli security forces.

Despite the blast, all staff members at the embassy were unharmed, providing a sense of relief amid the chaos and uncertainty. A source from the Indian Jewish community described the situation as a “big miracle,” praising the fact that no one was injured.

As investigations continue, the circumstances surrounding the bombing remain unclear. The embassy spokesperson stated that they are eagerly awaiting further information from the ongoing investigation. The priority for authorities is to determine the motive and those responsible for this act of violence.

In response to the incident, the Israel National Security headquarters has issued safety recommendations for Israelis currently in India. These recommendations include avoiding crowded places and exercising caution in public areas.

Sadly, this is not the first time an explosion has occurred near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. In January 2021, a similar attack took place, which was claimed by a terror organization known as Jaish-ul-Hind. This group is rumored to have affiliations with Iran, raising concerns about potential connections to today’s explosion.

As the investigation progresses, news outlets like Anna Brasky/Maariv Online and Reuters will provide further details and updates on the incident. The News Teller will be closely following these developments to keep our readers informed about this ongoing situation.

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