Expedia also said to stop selling dolphin tickets

The great news came a few days ago: Expedia Group has joined forces Other major travel companies Come on Trip Advisor, Virgin Holidays, British Airways Holidays e Booking.com who have already vowed to stop selling tickets to shows and interactions with captive dolphins.

The move follows calls from public figures, such as actress Joanna Lumley and wife of British Prime Minister Carrie Johnson, to end facilities that allow tourists to interact with captive wildlife and the shows they are shown in.

confirm the decision, spokeswoman from Expedia He said, “We prohibit activities that involve interaction or display of dolphins, whales and other cetaceans. Entry to sacred sites is only permitted if they are recognized and have no interaction with tourists or shows.”

Ben Pearson, boss world animal protection australiaHe said, “This is a huge step toward our goal of ending dolphin cruelty. We want this to be the latest generation of whales and dolphins to suffer in captivity for fun. For far too long, dolphins and whales have been forced to perform and live for 50 years in small, dry tanks.” Travel brings huge profits and fuels cruelty, and there is no place for this exploitation in modern society.Dolphins are wild animals, not artists.

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Catherine Wise, Director of Global Animal Protection UK: “Through sales and promotion, travel companies play a huge role in promoting the entertainment of captive dolphins and being one of the largest travel companies in the world. this position.”

Suffice it to say that even a few years ago they were counted 30 dolphinariums in the UK But after a campaign led by the charity Their mothers gave birth to them freePublic support dropped dramatically and in 2003 the last dolphinarium closed its doors. Despite this, TripAdvisor has also stopped promoting such activities and the UK government recently announced an imminent ban on British companies from advertising elephant riding activities.

Finally, We begin to see the light at the end of the animal exploitation tunnel for tourism purposes And if individual citizen petitions combined with media pressure and animal welfare associations have this effect on governments and large multinational corporations, we may really be on the right track, which is still a long way off… but at least we’re off to a good start!

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