Exide is still growing, Yelenia Frieza arrives

The Milanese Exeed team is very focused on their girls. always one Being at the forefront of the development and growth of the esports sector in ItalyThe team led by Federico Brambilla has appointed Ylenia Frezza as FIFA Player and Content Creator. A decision to give Exeed the first “pink stake” in the most popular soccer video game for Italians.

Knock down the dough

A strategic choice, as well as quality, considering the large presence of the female audience in the subject of esports. But above all it is geared towards the goal of breaking down gender barriers also in the world of video games. Commitment to gender equality, the Exeed event, which was renewed after the huge success of the “Lady Esports” event in 2020 and after another girl entered the team (but not in FIFA): Federica De Benedettis, known on the web as “Federicas”. The arrival of Ylenia Frezza therefore represents an important step not only for Exeed, but also for the entire Italian esports system.

Speech by Jelenia Frieza

“I am really happy and proud to be joining the wonderful Exeed family,” Frieza commented, “I will represent the female universe in a video game like FIFA I can’t wait to compare myself to my male colleagues. Together with Federica, we want to become an icon for all the girls who aspire to enter this world,” the words of Ylenia.

Brambilla: “an absolute modernity and a revolution”

Also great satisfaction from Federico Brambilla, president of Exeed and always at the forefront of encouraging a greater female presence in the esports phenomenon. “During the pandemic we have already brought together some Serie A players for a great event with L-Football, which we had named Lady Esports. Currently, Another step forward in opening our world to the pink universe“The arrival of a girl into the world of FIFA represents an absolute and revolutionary novelty, and I hope it will be the beginning of a path towards greater inclusion of women in the reality of esports.”

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