Exercises to lose weight: Sprint

Losing weight is not easy, especially when you are not used to exercising. A study by the University of New South Wales in Sydney revealed that jogging is not the best way to lose weight. Let’s find out how easy it is to lose weight, especially at an early stage.


For those who want to lose weight, An experiment conducted by the University of New South Wales in Sydney of 40 overweight youth provides a scientific answer to this dilemma “Sprint or run.” The response: Jogging for 60 minutes a week burns the same amount of body fat as men seven hours a week while jogging.

In the study published in Obesity Journal Participants, mostly college students between the ages of 20 and 25, underwent a 12-week period of A. High intensity short workouts Based on sprint cycles and found a significant reduction in belly fat and an increase in muscle mass. The program guarantees a Quantity’ Perfect for Distress’ Exercise to reap the health benefits, including weight loss, in as little time as possible.

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Sprint: Health and Weight Benefits


As part of the program, the participants did The enemy is on a bike For eight seconds of exercise, increase the heart rate between 80 and 90%, followed by 12 seconds of slow pedaling.

+ ‘In three 20-minute sessions, they trained hard for just 8 minutes. By exercising three times a week, the participants lost an average of two kilograms of visceral fat in particular, which is the adipose tissue that surrounds the internal organs and is associated with the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, which reduces their waistline.. In contrast, they gained 1.1 kilograms of muscle massEspecially in the chest and legs. A fast sprint causes the body to produce high levels of a certain group of hormones, called catecholamines, which push fats out until the working muscles burn them.

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Running a brisk 8 seconds increases your heart rate while keeping lactic acid release to a minimumCausing muscle fatigue quickly.

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