“Exemplary behaviors” in the Turin OGR

the OGR They opened exemplary behaviors. Life redesigned by the algorithm Curated group exhibition George Oliverowhich investigates changing individual and collective behaviors in a society in which we are constantly being labeled, measured, simulated, and reprogrammed.

In the Tracks 1 and 2 Works written by him are displayed Everything is global (United kingdom), Paolo Sirio (Italy), Eva and Franco Matisse (Italy), Brent Watanabe (United State), Kumhyung Jeong (South Korea) e James Bridle (United Kingdom), which together want to give the visitor alternative narratives to mainstream technological determinism by questioning the idea of ​​artificial intelligence as a powerful, independent creature and emphasizing the constant presence of human intervention.

to opening Exhibition itinerary – March 29th in 21.00 On Track 3 – Perform Lorem Don’t trust everythinga Live audio and video group which plunges visitors into a hallucinatory dream created through artificial intelligence systems. Generative neural networks analyze a 21-year archive of dream transcripts by Mirek Amendant Hardiker, an American artist and former researcher at Stanford University. Starting with dreams, the system develops a radically new system, around which audiovisual performance evolves tish. Admission is free, but reservations are required.

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