Excessive fine and revocation of registration certificate if they stop you like this

It’s a world famous phenomenon that we know really well. But have you ever wondered what tuning is and how it really works? Here is the answer you were looking for.

We often hear about tuning related to cars and more. A very famous phenomenon but it often isn’t, who knows how deep it goes. By tuning, we mean all this type of modification to a “standard” car, adapting it to the tastes and needs of a particular motorist.

Auto Tuning (web source) May 27, 2022 quattromania.it
Car tuning (web source)

Its history begins from afar, namely from the sixties and directly from the United States. Heating rods, T-buckets and Lowriders are very popular. Or, in the motorcycle realm, the legendary choppers. Later, it reached Europe and Italy and thus became known and known all over the world. There are also car brands like Abarth, which are dedicated to tuning to approach younger audiences.

Setting: Everything you need to know about it

Cars, scooters, motorcycles, buggies and quads. All of these vehicles can be modified in full tuning style, and there are no vehicle limits for such operations.

Modifications that mainly relate to five classes: aesthetic changes to the bodywork or parts of it (splitters, diffusers, side skirts, ailerons); to the engine, braking system, exhaust system or drive position; car lighting system (headlights and headlights); to the audio system (speakers, amplifiers or LCD screens); And finally the interior changes (seats, pedals, steering wheel). This practice, however, is very limited in Italy.

This is due to the simplification decree of 2020. The number of modifications that could have been made until then to one’s cars has been significantly reduced. The engine cannot be upgraded, unless an alternative fuel system, either LPG or methane, is installed with the test.

Auto Tuning (web source) May 27, 2022 quattromania.it
Car tuning (web source)

From the exhaust, only the terminal can be replaced. For rims and tires, it is only possible to make the changes stipulated in the vehicle registration document. The bumper can only be replaced with variants provided by the manufacturer. You can darken the windows with membranes, but only on the side, rear and rear windows.

As for lowering the drive assembly, it is allowed only with the official kit of the manufacturer. Another modification dating back to 2020 related to the tuning of the car is the installation of side skirts and added side sections. In short, these items can only be made if you do not change the ground clearance of the vehicle we are using.

In short, tuning is a phenomenon that is now popular all over the world, but it is certainly limited in Italy. In fact, there is a risk of a fine of 422 euros and the withdrawal of the registration certificate, if the rules in this regard are not respected.. Unlike what was done in Germany, Switzerland or Spain, where it was completely liberalized to better control and strengthen companies in this sector.

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