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one check new hypothesis About the new epic mode of the magician, which goes beyond Ciri, what is said in books and what is said in video games. The starting point will always be the Witcher’s Medal in the snow visible in the teaser image posted with the ad, but the conclusion is very different from the initial premise: it won’t be a school medal for cats, but Lynx School.

Is the medal from the Lynx School or the Cat School?
Is the medal from the Lynx School or the Cat School?

Attention, because from here we will give progress About the legends of The Witcher. If you do not want to read it, please close the news.

The Lynx School was founded by Eskel, Lambert, and Keira Mitz, Lambert’s wife, following the extinction of the Wolf School (to which Geralt of Rivia belonged). The Medal So you can belong to one of these characters and the game tells a series of stories dedicated to them.

In this case also it is impossible to verify this hypothesis, because the available elements are very few. The possibility remains that the protagonist is Ciri, which also makes sense given her role in the novels. We’ll see when CD Projekt Red decides to give us more details about it. Don’t expect them any time soon, as the game is in the early stages of development.

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