Ex-military hospital franchise agreement signed ‘will host medical course’

Bologna – The 19th century building of what was the first major military hospital in the Kingdom of Italy will be operationalized. Granted in use to the city of Piacenza. he is Official status has arrivedsigned in recent days by the former Minister Lorenzo Guerini to me Memorandum of Understanding between Ministry of DefenseAnd the Emilia-Romagna regionAnd the Municipality of Osel PiacenzaAnd the Parma Universitywhich – which It provides for the privilege building municipalityAnd the In use by the modthrough Difesa Servizi SpA (a home-to-decaster company).

An essential step that allows on the one hand to restore an architectural work of exceptional urban, civic and cultural significance, and on the other hand to strengthen institutional synergy withParma Universitywhich will be allocated spaces – once the works are completed – to host Master’s Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery in English “medicine and surgery”; The course was activated in the academic year 2021-2022 in cooperation withI beg Born in Municipality of Piacenza powered by region. Institutional cooperation – explained – that you will keep it Dual Use, Civil and Military, Compendium From Viale Palmerio: 7670 m² of covered area, volume of about 80,000 m³, exposed area of ​​15,500 m² located in the historic center of Piacenza and decommissioned in 1993. The protocol provides for Urban redevelopment and restoration projectThus, there is no new consumption of land, but rather the renovation and rebuilding of a historic city.

“A common path is being achieved between the territory and local and national institutions, and I really thank him: especially the former Minister Guerinithe former mayor Patricia BarbieriDean of the University of Parma, I would like to goAusl, as well as all those who made it possible to reach the signing of the agreement – says the president Bonaccini-. We’ve worked together – and we’re doing the same now with the mayor Katya Tarasconi Bring this building back to the city and community, revive it and live it again with an ambitious redevelopment project. A track that is already looking forward to the future comes to formal completion, which combines urban redevelopment with an investment in knowledge, given that the classrooms of a higher education track such as the undergraduate course in medicine in English will be moved to these spaces as primary as healthcare.”

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Building – The Military Hospital of Piacenza is a jewel in the streets of the historic center of the city, which hides frescoed ceilings, vaults, majestic white marble staircases, wrought-iron railings, a perfectly preserved chapel and a garden. The construction of the Piacenza Military Hospital began in 1865 on the area overlooking the ramparts and the bastions of the city’s defensive walls, which are still fully preserved and are currently guarded in the Military District of the North Heavy Maintenance Pole. It has a rectangular shape and consists of three floors on three sides while one side has one floor; The large body of the building has its main side facing the city, and it is oriented towards the northeast. The military hospital ceased its activity and went out of service in 1993. It was taken over by the Arctic for heavy maintenance in 1998.

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