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For 4 years, it has been a fun and irreplaceable companion for customers in Italy, who have achieved more than 17 billion interactions since 2018 and saved 6 million hours in 2022 alone thanks to the help of Alexa.

It’s only been 4 years since the Amazon voice assistant entered the homes of customers in Italy, who today consider it real Life partner, intelligent and caring, able to make their days simpler, better organized and more enjoyable.

Of these first four years, 2022 has been the most exciting in terms of growth: just think beyond 17 billion interactions with Alexa from 2018 to presentwe will 8 billion events this year alone. And back in 2022, according to analysis GFK with ServicePlan conducted on Best Brands 2022, Alexa is included in the rating of the best product of the 10 most popular Italian brands.“I have announced Gianmaria Visconti, Country Manager, Amazon Alexa in Italy. “To underscore this success, there are constant displays of emotion by users across Italy, who rely on Alexa every day to manage their days, from waking up to bedtime, enjoying music, recipes, staying informed or managing a smart home. “

This year, Italians actually used Alexa 800 million between alarms and timerswe will 120 million reminders And the 45 million shopping list, And they do it well with Alexa 28 million of calls. They also rely on Alexa for learning Weather forecast, it happened 135 million times in 2022, Or for help in the kitchen: result 8 million recipes It is among the most popular requests Carbonara, pancake and tiramisu.

for users, Alexa is also an entertainment companion: Music playing hours in 2022 I we will 400 million. The most requested songs are still Sanremo songs: first of all butterflies di Sangiovanni, followed by where are you dancing by Dargen D’amico e goosebumps by Mahmoud and Blanco.

At the regional level, although Lombardy It is the first region in Italy for active users, and is Molise to prove itself as Region in Italy that recorded the highest growth of active users who used Alexa in 2022, +56%, while they The Campania to have Chose Alexa for smart home management, with an increase in 62% Compared to 2021. No wonder that Rome The first Italian province in terms of the number of interactionsRemarkably, it was a boycott Agrigento Recording the largest growth of +63% year-on-year.

Alexa, constant evolution

At launch in the US in 2014, Alexa only had 13 features available at the moment Proud of hundreds of them; At first he only spoke one language, today instead Available in more than 75 countries and in 9 different languages It can also detect multiple languages ​​at the same time. Not only that, he is also able to change his voice into a male voice, just say “Alexa, change your voiceIn addition, thanks to the development of Third Party Skillswhich today amounts to more than that 130 thousand in the world and beyond 5 thousand in Italy, Alexa is getting smarter.

Thanks to this continuous development, the homes of users in Italy are becoming more and more Connected , where is she Voice interaction is the simplest and most natural way to interact with technology, Thus, it becomes accessible to all. They were already behind 1.8 billion interactions between smart devices and Alexa in 2022 In Italy.

The secret to success: Alexa is intuitive and proactive

The numbers illustrate the great success that Alexa has achieved in Italy, but because users found it specifically invoice assistant Amazon is an important reference point in your daily life?

Alexa intuitive For everyone, understands and interacts regardless of an individual’s dialect, age or knowledge of technology, and he too proactive: They are actually over 600 million routine actions were performed by Alexa instead of Italian userswhich can say this year they have Save over 6 million hours Set timers with Alexa instead of unlocking your smartphone, asking you to play your favorite song instead of searching for it among various providers and turning off the lights and playing them comfortably from their couch with just a voice command.

Alexa herself has a gift for us. Users in Italy from November 6th to On November 13th they will say “Alexa, Happy Birthday” and they will have the opportunity to get 3 months of audible Free, for Discover thousands of new audiobooks, podcasts and audio assets. All that remains is to join the choral celebration: “AlexaAnd the happy birthday!“.

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