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Expect new huge appointments from Lidl supermarkets. Here’s everything you need to know about the desired numbers

Lidl Looking for new employees. The German giant, which operates in the distribution sector on a large scale and is present in many points of sale in our country, intends to search for new employees to fill open positions. It is, in fact, an opportunity for those who want to find work and get hired in a very strong company that is constantly growing.

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In this very difficult period, in fact, it is very important to secure a job so that you are able to pay Invoices And bear the daily costs. Here, then, the opportunity we are talking about now might be a good one. In fact, there are big new plans Recruit From Lidl supermarkets. Here’s everything you need to know about the desired numbers.

Lidl hires newbies, here’s everything you need to know

to celebrate 30 years of activity Having a presence in the distribution sector on a large scale, Lidl has decided to announce its intention to hire new employees soon. In this regard there are new job offers to fill Currently open jobs. Here’s everything you need to know about coveted numbers.

There are already new things Offers from work in Lidl. The German company decided to celebrate its 30th anniversary by announcing 6 thousand employees of employees, with the aim of increasing the network of one of the most important giants in the distribution sector on a large scale. Precisely for this reason, Lidl plans to achieve nearly 150 new stores in Italy.

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He said, “It was in March 1992 when Lidl first landed in Italy Massimiliano SilvestriPresident of Lidl Italia – In the early years we fought against mistrust towards this type of supermarket (liberated discount store) and tried to win over more and more consumers by making quality and convenience our strengths.”

Lidl is actually a company increasingly in growth, which continues to invest in our country by opening new businesses and stores, as well as creating more and more job opportunities. The results speak for themselves: Lidl Italia recorded a turnover of 5.9 billion The euro only in 2021, with a growth of about 6.9%.

The Numbers Required for new jobs (about 6 thousand) are many. These include: Branch Operator, Sales Clerk, Assistan Store Manager, Store Manager, and District Manager.

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