Everything is ready for the launch of an all-Japanese women’s promotion in the United States

Everything is ready for the launch of an all-Japanese women’s promotion in the United States
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In the last years Japanese women’s wrestling They are becoming increasingly popular even outside the Land of the Rising Sun thanks to the exceptional work they both do stardoman all-female company in Japan, both NJPW who finally decided to partner with her cousin’s company, bringing the women of STARDOM to their shows there and across the United States.

But now it seems Joshi’s expansion is getting higher and higherwith the PWInsider who informed from Possible birth of a new promotion like STARDOM, but in North America: In an interesting twist, PWInsider.com has learned that There are plans to launch a new Japanese women’s wrestling promotion in the United States. We confirmed it The promotion roster will consist of all Japanese talents arriving in the United States. This will be a completely new entity utilizing women from existing Japanese promotions, and running their events here in the US.”

The idea is a slightly different show

As clearly stated on the website. “We also heard that the plan is Giving an approach to this promotion different from the others, and increasing production beyond wrestling in the ring, in order to create a different “atmosphere”. to events so that they are seen as authentic joshi, but also to increase popularity towards a wider audience beyond just the professional wrestling crowd. To do this, we are told that the group behind the company has invested Great resource and has recruited notable names It includes entertainment, media, wrestling and fashion as part of its front office.

While we’re still working to confirm more details, we’ve heard from… The venue was booked by this promotion in September in New York City for its first event. “

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