Everything changes based on income that hurts health, times and numbers

A real revolution on health tickets, but as we’ll see, shadow cones abound.

In fact, health tickets will be paid specifically on the basis of Revenues.


Let’s see the news that interests almost all Italians that will hit Specifically a very sensitive topic of health.

Here’s a real revolution: this is how it works

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding these health tickets on the basis of income also because many Italians today are facing severe economic hardship Either they are forgoing treatment or they are making drastic reductions in health costs.


But let’s see how these income-based health tickets should work. This real reform must include both specialized services That’s automated diagnosis but also in the lab. The parameters that must be taken into account for the repair of the real card will be the costs of individual services But also ISEE.

Complex and complex parameters

But in addition to these two criteria, any chronic diseases, disabling diseases or rare diseases will also be taken into account or even disability conditions. Therefore, in connection with the calculation of tickets, a very complex and complex mechanism was announced. Actually as we know ISEE is a very poorly implemented parameter that punishes many families who face real difficulties Which makes them look richer than they are. But above all, many parameters must be taken into account that make new tickets so complex It may also be a big problem.

Ceiling limit: a lot can be left

Among other things, there is talk of an annual spending limit: After that, it will not be possible to disburse other aid until the end of the year. Real bite. Basically, according to many who argue for health ticket reform, the dismantling of the National Health Service, which is now no longer operating, especially in the South, will practically continue. In essence, health tickets can become Both are more complex and also limited in terms of the benefits that individual citizens can reap. sSo the issue of tickets is very hot and certainly the next Meloni government will have to deal with this issue because precisely because of the sting on the bills, they risk creating more social tension. The real problem is that many would argue that even if we were talking about income-related tickets, which would be fair and social, In fact we want to continue emptying the NHS to push for private health.

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