Everyone loves the smell of a new car, but it contains a carcinogen: be careful not to inhale it

A study conducted by an American university has revealed how the smell of a new car can be very dangerous. What have researchers at California’s Riverside University discovered?

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When you buy a new car, you are immediately struck by one aspect in particular: the car’s interior smell. Any passenger who gets into the car in the days immediately after purchase will be surprised by this aspect right away! a scent that most people like, Because it indicates how clean and tidy the car is.

Free and virtual encyclopedia “Wikipedia” Emphasizes what the special smell of the new car is. This is what you can read about: “A new car smell is a distinct smell created by a mixture of new car production materials, and also found in other vehicles such as buses or trucks.”

new car smell
Is the interior smell of a new car unhealthy? Here are the results of the study – Motori.News

But is that all that glitters now? Is the smell of a new car really a positive thing? Researchers from Riverside University in California have claimed that all smells from a new car can be harmful to our health. the reason? The combination of chemicals found in seat fabrics along with new car air fresheners would actually be risky.

New car smell: What are the risks to our health?

The study did not conclude that this aspect is really harmful to our health. However, it shows how this combination of substances increases the risk of exposure to certain carcinogens. In short, breathing this “new” air for too long will exceed minimum safety levels. The chemicals in the so-called “new car smell” are benzene and formaldehyde.

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new car smell
The new car smell: What are its risks to our health? – Engines

Therefore, the research highlights how the risks to people inside the new car are linked to several interrelated factors. It indicates the average trip time, its frequency, and the number of chemicals that were actually used for that one vehicle.

benzene and formaldehyde – The two substances, as mentioned, are most present in this new scent combination – It is on the list of substances that California places among those that are carcinogenic or dangerous to human health. These substances exceeded the hazardous limit after approximately 20 minutes of continuous exposure.

Also in light of this study conducted in California, Many car manufacturers in the future may use less hazardous materials to make their own. It is therefore essential that the materials used do not increase the driver’s risk of health problems. Ultimately, the car’s interior environment is also an aspect that all car manufacturers should pay more attention to from now on!

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