Everyone ignores it, but this light is necessary to turn on

What happens if the glow stick light stays on or blinks? Here’s everything you need to know about this spy to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Many people don’t know how important it is not to underestimate the importance of the warning lights that appear on your car’s dashboard. In fact, some of them, if underestimated or ignored, can cause serious operating problems for the car. Below, we will talk about Glow plug warning light.

Glow plugs are small devices that allow you to heat fuel. They are present in both diesel and gasoline engines and are intended for heating the fuel, in order to facilitate the start of the engine when cold. If the glow candle light appears, then there is some problem. It may be old, dirty or worn out. It is advisable to go to a trusted mechanic and check the problem.

Let’s start by saying something that probably not everyone knows. As soon as the ignition switch is turned on, it is advisable not to start the device immediately. You will have to wait a few seconds for the glow plug light to go out of the dashboard. This measure is very important, as it will prevent the glow plugs from wearing out too quickly and there will be no problems with starting the engine.

Glow light bulbs: what to do?

If the glow candle light does not go out after a few seconds of turning on the switch, this means that there is some malfunction. It will be important to note whether the light is steady or blinking.

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Constant or flashing glow candle light
Glow Candle Warning Light – Motori.News

In case steady light Our advice is not to start the car. It would be a good idea to consult a professional mechanic and ask them to check why this light is on steadily. In most cases, glow plugs are very dirty or corroded. So their replacement will be necessary. Furthermore, it is possible that there is a malfunction in the power cables that support the glow plugs located near the syringes. In either case, it would be advisable to immediately provide emergency intervention.

What if the glowing candle light flashes?

On the other hand, if after waiting a few seconds the light does not go out, but rather blinks, then the malfunction may be less serious. However, it would be advisable to pay special attention.

Constant or flashing glow candle light
glow plugs – Motori.News

Especially for diesel engines, in fact the warning light may flash at first. But don’t worry. It indicates that during the initial starting phase of the engine, the glow plugs are doing their best. This is something that happens a lot, especially if the outside temperature is very low. After a few moments the light should go out. If this does not happen, then there may also be a malfunction in this case.

If the lamp blinks for a few minutes, the spark plugs may be dirty or worn. The engine will start regularly, so you will be able to spin, but we recommend going to a mechanic ASAP to check the spark plugs!

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