Everyone gets crazy about this amazing plant that permanently keeps mice out of our garden

It’s a good time to take advantage of the garden, especially now that the days are getting warmer and brighter.

We must admit that Works In the garden, it is very demanding and requires a lot of time, care and constant attention.

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Those who have a garden know that there are always little animals that are ready to spoil all the work and efforts expended in the previous months.

Everyone gets crazy about this amazing plant that permanently keeps mice out of our garden.

Plant discovery

It is a perennial plant with a botanical name Artemisia absinthium, Which we all know as “wormwood.”

We can define it as a tough, bushy plant, with foliage in silver-gray tones and an incredible scent.

Precisely for this reason, it is really useful for warding off mice, especially thanks to the fresh buds of absinthe.

Rodents can be noticed thanks to the rusty, squeaky, small droppings of the leaves.

These little animals are very disturbing to our garden because they dig tunnels to gnaw at plant roots and eat our crops.

This is why it is essential to be able to remove them quickly and naturally without harming them and without resorting to harmful chemicals.

For starters, wormwood can be grown in the sun and in flowerbeds in our garden, or even in pots.

This amazing plant can also be used as a completely natural alternative to protect asparagus or carrots from attacks of pesky midges.


Wormwood loves poor, stony soil and suffers from stagnant water and is recommended to continue harvesting during the vegetative period.

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It also resists cold, during the winter and does not suffer from specific diseases, you only need to pay attention to the dryness in the summer that may make it suffer.

For these reasons, everyone goes crazy with this exceptional plant that permanently keeps mice out of our garden.

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