Everyone agrees on new construction in Kanto: to be completed

Everyone agrees on new construction in Kanto: to be completed

View of the building project in Corso Europa

New building in Kanto

Everyone agrees: I will

Pass to city council by February 8th. The minority must also vote for

The countdown has begun. In just over a week, the city council will express its opinion on assessing the public interest of the new gym project, thus taking the first concrete step towards its realization.

A political direction that brings together the moods of the various council groups will unanimously favor it. But it is only the first stage of a long journey, and then everyone intends to deepen many aspects of a particularly complex project. Starting from the need to ensure the hull usability not only for basketball but for all cantorian sports clubs. In recent days, two joint meetings of the Public Works, Urban Planning and Sports committees have taken place. Due to the intensity of the topic, a third is set for tomorrow, and there may be a fourth topic. By February 8th, then, we’re going to board, because the terms of public interest declaration or non-project will expire.

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