“Every year from 5 to 15,000 deaths, let’s vaccinate.” The Pandemic Control Board has been established

“We should expect a flu that will spread a lot, Every year in Italy we have between 5 thousand and 15 deaths, so we are talking about a major diseaseWith these words Massimo Andreoni Scientific Director of the Italian Society of Simit Infectious Diseases He wanted to call on all Italians not to underestimate the spread of the influenza virus as the cold season approaches.

Covid: current positives are back above 600

Massimo Andreoni: ‘basic vaccine’

Andrioni spoke on the sidelines of the “The Health I Want” event, which is being held in Rome at the Ministry of Health, and said: We say this in light of what happened in Australia. And then there’s an added element that, in the last couple of years thanks to the Covid and influenza vaccination containment regimes, the virus has spread quite a bit and, as we understand, the small circulating immunity is lower than the still-exposed population. This makes us fear that it will have a significant impact. Every year in Italy we have between 5 thousand and 15 deaths, so we are talking about a major disease ». The infected person was then asked whether dual vaccination, Covid and influenza, is recommended for the most vulnerable groups. “Certainly“, Andreoni answers Like we did last year when we vaccinated. We wish there was little hesitation – he warns – because we are already selling it.”

Then Principal Andreoni intervened in the opening of schools, one of the places where viruses are most prevalent due to close contact between children: “School is a source of virus circulation, it has always been like this, and that is true for Sars-Cov-2 and influenza. The reopening of schools coincides with this, the fact that there is no obligation now to wear masks in the classroom will increase the spread of Covid that we are already starting to see.” There is an increase in cases so while for the flu, we are still at the beginning. The advice is to be careful, you need to feel responsible in young people and parents to use the mask as much as possible and use it completely if there are signs or symptoms of covid virus or influenza”.

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Covid, the mask that sends a message on a mobile phone if there is a virus in the air

Influenza vaccines are available from mid-October from general practitioners

“Yesterday we took stock of the influenza vaccine distribution for the vaccination campaign. All regions should be ready from mid-October, about ten are now ready, while in other regions the delivery date is set for October 17th. Family doctors already have many requests from people asking to give the dose.” So Claudio Criselli, President of the Italian Society of General Medicine (Simg), during the institutional meeting “The Health I Want” at the Ministry of Health.

It’s hard to tell what the next flu season will look like“. Crishelly specifies, “Because influenza is always unpredictable, it always has a high complication rate, and covid is still among us and we do not know its complications. The call for vaccination, not only for those with a recommendation, but also for all other people who are not identified. In particular “.

Compared to the recommended categoriesHe adds: “We’ve lowered the age from 65 to 60, and it’s only natural to add to these pregnant and vulnerable women and health workers. Already a lot of people go to the family doctor for an appointment ».

Establishment of the Biotechnology Council – Epidemic Control Center

Today the new Council of the Biotecnopolo di Siena has been officially installedwhich will also perform public health functions through the National Center for Epidemic Control. The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of HealthAnnounces the same ministry. subordinate Anti-epidemic tips Nobel laureate Giorgio Baresi, appointed on the recommendation of the Minister of Health, is part of it. The Foundation’s Board of Directors has appointed Silvio Aimee as Chairman. At the suggestion of the Minister of Health, Rino Rappuoli was appointed Scientific Director.

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They are part of the Scientific Technical CommitteeMinistry continues, The experts referred to by the Ministries of Health, the University, Research and Economic Development present at the meeting Paris, Aime, Lucia Calabrese and Gianluca Bolivroni, appointed by decree of the Prime Minister on September 7, 2022, who approved the appointment. These are the appointed members of the Scientific Technical Committee: Franco Locatelli, Emmanuel Charpentier, Hind Triki and Michel Pletchet (appointed by the Ministry of Health); Barney Graham, Alamuddin Zumla, Gabriella Scarlatti and Luisa Bracci (appointed by the Department of University and Research); Giorgio Palo and Claudio Pande (appointed by the Ministry of Economic Development).

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