Even with these health problems and diseases, it is possible to retire early without injuries

As you approach retirement age, your health may deteriorate with the onset of certain diseases. When the first symptoms appear, going to work and keeping up with the pace of daily obligations becomes more and more tiring. On the other hand, if you have not yet met the requirements for social security and social security for an old-age pension, it is not always possible to withdraw from service.

In addition, any losses in retirement benefits must also be taken into account. We remember, in fact, that Those who expect to retire from 1 to 5 years experience these cuts to the monthly rate. Thus, leaving a job a few years in advance may have both long and short-term economic costs.

But those who suffer from chronic diseases that threaten the quality of daily life can choose the option of early retirement. This is because even with these health problems and illnesses it is possible to retire early without injury. As an example our consultants pointed out Amount of pension for a worker who has 20 years of INPS contributions at age 64. It is also advisable to obtain sufficient information about the benefits and economic aid that the government guarantees for those affected by certain disturbances. Maybe not everyone knows that Even with these chronic diseases, disability benefits are obtained from the INPS. And that if the local health care company’s legal committee recognizes the disability status, the right to an advance pension matures.

Even with these health problems and diseases, it is possible to retire early without injuries

At the moment, precisely because of the Covid-19 epidemic, going to work has become more dangerous for those who suffer from certain diseases. So a 60-year-old worker with 39 years of contribution seniority can apply for an early retirement pension.

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On the other hand, those with a lower contribution amount can retire with 20 years of contributions at 56 if it’s a woman and 61 if it’s a man. However, this pension entails the recognition of a civil disability equal to or greater than 80%. Moreover, it is not possible for public servants and the self-employed to request it, but private sector employees.

In addition, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law No. 222 of 1984 It is necessary to obtain a retirement pension. This is equivalent to saying that a general case of disability is not enough. But it must be remembered that there are many chronic diseases that fall on the list of invalidated states recognized by the INPS panel with disability rates.

For example, people with oncological diseases who undergo chemotherapy can have a disability of more than 74%. In the same way, workers with mental disorders such as major depression or panic attacks can apply for a pension in advance.

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