Even in the 2020 presidential election, Russia would have tried to help Trump

According to a new report (PDF) To the National Intelligence Council, a body that includes various US intelligence agencies, the Russian government would have tried to favor re-election of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, which was later won by Joe Biden. Russia had already interfered in the 2016 US elections In favor of Trump’s victoryIt is considered more manipulable than his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton and more in line with Russia’s strategic goals, such as weakening NATO and linking the United States and the European Union.

The report shows that the Russian intervention developed differently than it did in 2016.

Five years ago, the Russians tried to penetrate the IT infrastructure that ran the vote and adapt public debate on social networks: for example by spreading false news about Clinton, even with the use of automated profiles, and by using WikiLeaks to spread embarrassing information on. His account. At one point, Trump’s election commission was also headed by the largely Russian-run Republican political advisor, Paul Manafort. Trump pardoned him In the last days of his term.

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However, in 2020, the report states, “The central element in the strategy the Russians implemented was the use of figures close to the world of intelligence to promote narratives – including some misleading or unfounded news against Joe Biden – and influence the media, US officials.” And public figures, some of whom are close to former President Trump and his administration. ”

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The report does not contain names however The New York Times Believes This last sentence above all refers to Rudy Giuliani, the former Republican mayor of New York who became Trump’s personal attorney, who had been in contact with Russian personalities close to the government for several months and published several conspiracy theories about Biden. In media coverage, the report could alternatively refer to US television as Fox News The OANDuring the election campaign, who re-released false or unfounded news about Biden. The report stated that the influence operations were ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The report also cites attempts by other countries: for example, Iran, which allegedly sought to favor Democrats by sending threatening emails to Democratic voters on behalf of the neo-Nazi group. Proud Boyz, In an attempt to intimidate them and get them to vote for Biden (Trump has often cited Iran as a major enemy of the United States in recent years). On the other hand, China would have considered whether or not to interfere in the US elections, but ultimately decided not to carry out any operations.

Trump and Russia will almost certainly reject any accusations, as they did in 2016. Rudy Giuliani has not yet commented on the report.

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