Even at the age of 50, we can get rid of sagging arms, tighten buttocks and get a flat stomach with these exercises

Over the years maintaining responsive muscle tone becomes more and more complex. Due to the short time available and the inevitable aging, some parts of the body begin to fail and become flabby. Among the most common and undesirable defects of that time, there is the classic sagging of the arms in the triceps area, characterized by an overabundance of smooth skin. In the same way, time also rests mercilessly on the stomach and buttocks, expanding the hips and making room for the usual rolls. However, even at 50, we may have an enviable physique with a little bit of home exercise. Below we’ll see some targeted exercises.

symmetrical arms

The warm-up phase is very important before any exercise, which prepares the body to be more relaxed and reactive. We can jump and jog in place with high knees to wake up the body.

Once this is done, we can do it to coordinate the arms without tools but without making them overly muscular. Let’s put our hands on our backs on the edge of a chair hard enough so that our arms are at 90 degrees. Maintaining this position, we fully extend our arms and then lower ourselves and slowly return to 90 degrees, keeping our back and legs straight. During the exercise, we will also keep the abdominal muscles tense by making them work.

Do 3 sets of 15 times. During the exercise, we feel that the triceps area is activated which will constantly return to tone.

Full body workout

If we are looking for a way to tighten the arms, abdomen and buttocks, then the most massive exercise is “Mountain Climber”. To do this, we will have to hold the position on the palm as if we were doing a flexion by stretching the abdominal muscles and straight back. Maintaining the position on the arms, we bring the knees to the chest alternately as if we were simulating a climb. This is a challenging exercise, but it does well. Run for 30 seconds at least 3 times.

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Even at the age of 50, we can get rid of sagging arms, tighten buttocks and get a flat stomach with these exercises

Finally, we’ll reach all fours and raise our arms and legs in reverse. So, staying on all four legs, we will raise the right arm and left leg at the same time and then slowly return to the position. We’ll do the same for the left arm and right leg as well. Do 15 repetitions 3 times.

This exercise will help tone the hips and buttocks and give the shoulder a more defined shape.

At the end of the circle we remind you to calm down and stretch And in general, we hydrate ourselves a lot and follow a good diet.

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After the age of 50, we may have a flat stomach and an hourglass body with these few exercises and foods to lose weight

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