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He hasn’t seen her for about a month. Grandfather accompanied the minor Alexandros. The meeting lasted three hours, as permitted by the Belgian judicial authorities

Afternoon, Eva Kylie He was able to hug his almost two-year-old daughter again. The meeting lasted exactly three hours, as long as the judiciary permitted. The little girl walked holding the hands of her grandfather, Alexandros, and the taxi driver who accompanied them, in front of Harin Prison.

Kylie’s father, 63, entered the prison, which is located about 10 kilometers northeast of Brussels. The man was wearing a dark windbreaker and his hood was turned up. At about 19.30 the little girl was handed over to her grandfather.


Eva Kylie has asked several times to meet her young daughter in prison, whom she has not seen since December 9, the day she was caught just after her father Alexandros was blocked in the street as he left the luxurious Sofitel Hotel in Brussels dragging a suitcase with 600,000 euros in cash inside. The man was arrested and then promptly released, but that briefcase led to his daughter’s arrest.

At the same time they were also arrested Antonio Panziri and buddy kylie, Francesco Giorgiwhich are considered the main axes of the activity of Qatar and Morocco, which worked under the shadow of the non-governmental organization Fighting impunity Founded by Panziri himself. In fact, the camper was taken from the man in the house Kylie shares with her partner, Giorgi.

The former Greek TV journalist has always denied knowing not only where the money came from but also that banknotes were in her home.. It was this possession or perhaps ordering the withdrawal of money that judges deemed an offense in flagrante delicto, the only condition that could overturn the parliamentary immunity protecting MEPs (below the Open Beyond video).

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