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Eurythmics, £100m for the reunion!

The Eurythmicsthe historic British duo he formed Annie Lennox And the Dave Stewart, they can get back together for a surprise reunion. To impress musicians, as stated in United kingdomcould be an offer of up to £100m!

The duo officially broke up in 1990, but there were a few times when that I And the Dave They got back together. In 1999 they also released the album HelloThe following year, he also performed on stage San Remo Festival.

Eurythmics, £100m for the reunion!

He offers Eurythmics a huge sum to reform and embark on a world tour. Seeing them perform together in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame piqued the interest of promoters, who invest money in the band to get them back on tour. Nothing is taken for granted, not even a new studio album. It’s very early days, but everyone is excited to bring the project to life.”

These are the words mentioned in the site’s header columns Sunday Mirror.

Three weeks ago Annie Lennox And the Dave Stewart They performed together in an unforgettable concert at Los Angelesorganized on the occasion of their admission ceremony Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In recent months, the duo also performed a show to celebrate their entrance into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. previously Eurythmics On the same stage in 2019, in a concert he organized The scorpion And in 2014 during a show CBS.

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