Eurovision song contest fans say the UK’s ‘predicted’ fate is for Netflix in 2021

The fate of the UK’s entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest appears to have been determined for a long time, according to Netflix viewers.

This is because the Eurovision Song: The Story of Fire Saga music competition released last year was an initial sign that the country didn’t have any points – which became a reality on Saturday night.

Despite a brilliant two-year night of entertainment, British singer James Newman failed to impress the rest of Europe and sadly ended up at the bottom of the charts.

Instead, Italian Maneskin was the evening’s biggest winner with 524 points after a close match with France, who finished second with 499 points in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

While more than seven million of us have heard of glamorous, glamorous, and often crazy shows, many have taken to social media to suggest that Netflix “called it” a year ago.

“It was a joke in the movie Netflix. A joke. #Eurovision,” TV critic Scott Brian wrote viral, as well as a screenshot from Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams’ movie.

A quote from one of the characters says: “It’s very good, but everyone hates the UK so there are no points.”

And Scott wasn’t the only one who pointed this out.

Another Eurovision fan said, “Netflix is ​​planning to #Eurovision for the UK”.

You’ve watched #Eurovision more than ever. I thought Netflix’s Fire Saga was a tagline. It turned out to be a documentary and he added a third.

Quarterer commented: “Netflix: I said mmm, UK doesn’t get points for a joke. 2021: But my brother, I don’t think this is a #Eurovision joke anymore.”

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Netflix they themselves share the joke.

“Sad but real. #Eurovision, ”they tweeted with an image of the same stage before adding“ TOLD YOU, ”when the final results were revealed.

Despite the result, around 7.4 million people signed up to watch the competition on BBC One, which is the largest overnight audience for the Eurovision Song Contest since 2014.

With a touch of sophistication, James ditched his good sense of humor, drank a beer and stood to greet the crowd who lived in the square.

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