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Tuesday, May 9 from 21:25 onwards Italy 1It is expected that the final episode of de hyenas. The program, as usual, before Belin Rodriguez. With her, in the studio, comedians and co-hosts Max AngioniAnd Eleazar Rossi And Nathan Kiboba. The appointment is visible in the live broadcast and on demand from the site Mediaset Play.

Hyenas May 9th

Le Iene 9 May Appearance of Madonna Trevignano

no hyenas On May 9, we return to the seer Trevignano Romano. Already seven days ago, in fact, the envoy Juston Zama He did a long interview with Gisella Cardia And her husband, Gianni.

Last Tuesday, as it happens in the third of the month, the pseudo-clairvoyant gathered hundreds of believers. He told them that he had received a new message from Our Lady. In particular, Cardia stated that the Virgin will remember that “Humanity is heading towards self-destruction“.

Follow Zama Cardia throughout the day

hyenasAs told in the May 9 episode, they followed Gisella hour by hour on the day of the appearance. Broadcast cameras, in particular, have been filming the pseudo-clairvoyant’s preparation for the event since the morning.

Zama, on the aired service hyenas May 9, shows everything that happened on May 3. The climax came at 15:00, when Cardia fell into a trance, and wrote with a pen in a notebook what Our Lady would say to her.

During the day there were moments of stress. Indeed, many of the citizens of Trevignano arrived at the venue and expressed their disappointment. Among the facts shown in the presentation is also the fainting of one of the believers, who fell at the feet of the false seer perhaps from too much excitement.

Hyenas May 9 Gisella Cardia

Le Iene May 9 The judicial investigations against Cardia continue

to hyenas On May 9, in all likelihood, there is also talk of judicial investigations with Gisela as the protagonist. The latter, before arriving in Lazio, lived in Sicily. Here she was the entrepreneur, chief Majolica Ltd. The company went bankrupt and Cardia is now facing bankruptcy charges. Yesterday, on Monday, May 8, a hearing took place in the court of Civitavecchia, but the false seer did not appear.

Meanwhile, one of her former followers chose to denounce her. The man allegedly donated nearly 100,000 euros to Cardia’s spouses. Money which, in light of what has emerged in recent months, he claims to have recovered.

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