Eurovision Junior 2023: the motto will be “Champions”

Source France Televisions revealed that “heroes” would be a slogan Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023which will be held on Sunday November 26th in 4:00 pm to Nika Palace to Nice – good.

Alexandra ReddyEntertainment manager France TelevisionsThis was announced today, May 10, at an EBU press conference. Reddy explained the importance of the participating children and how they will be heroes at the beginning and end of their visual European journey.

In a real cinematic trailer released during the press conference, the Eurovision world got a glimpse of the upcoming competition. Set to dramatic musical accompaniment, the video declared: “The spirit of magic returns to France” And leave the logo to the audience “heroes”.

Alexandra explained that to Eurovision Junior 2023 We wanted to keep the fairytale theme, in an atmosphere similar to the 2021 ‘Imagine’ theme, also hosted by France in Paris. It will be all about good vibes, entertainment and fun, as well as exploring a powerful world. He declared:

Some serious topics such as the issue of the environment were very present in many of the songs of the last competition, and children are the real heroes of tomorrow, and they are the ones who have the solutions. So we wanted to let them take power themselves!

This year’s contest will be held in Nika Palace6,000 seat facility. It has hosted artists such as Madonna, Beyoncé and David Bowie. Alexandra explained the reason for the city’s charm:

Nice is unique. It is a cosmopolitan city open to the world, which has been recognized by the international community and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2021.

Alexandra said that France was honored to host him again Junior Eurovision Song Contest And that there are still many things to be revealed:

I have a few surprises in store for you, particularly with regard to the stage and the logo, but just like in 2021, we want to offer delegates an exceptional place to express themselves, and allow the brand to continue to thrive as all these amazing artists will on our beautiful stage.

Competing countries have yet to be announced, but Alexandra is looking forward to discussions with new countries, hoping to get more people involved in the competition. Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023. He declared:

It is very important for Junior Eurovision to become strong… If you had 30 countries in Junior Eurovision, that would be great!

winner in Eurovision Junior 2022 It was the thirteen-year-old Frenchman Lysanderwho with his song “Oh maman!” He scored 203 points in the competition Yerevanin Armenia.

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