Eurovision 2023, the role of Ukraine is determined

while in United kingdom Preparations are underway to submit nominations for hostingEurovision Song Contest 2023Efforts are also being made to give shape to Ukrainian cooperation.

“The Ukrainian flag, videos of Ukrainian cities, Ukrainian presenters and a Ukrainian creative group that will become an integral part of the show in Great Britain.”

These are the words Culture Minister Oleksandr Tkachenkoreported by EuroFestival News.

Eurovision 2023, the role of Ukraine is determined

Charlotte Mooreresponsible for the contents BBCsent an email to the British TV crew explaining this.

“We will be working closely with our colleagues at Au:PBC and showcasing Ukrainian culture and music as an essential part of the event. I am grateful for the wonderful work that Kate Phillips, the entertainment team, BBC Radio and BBC Studios have done in making the UK color swatch so popular: 9.5 million Eurovision people this year in the country, and we hope to have more next year when we host it here. Kate will lead the event for us.”

As for the presentation, it seems to be center stage Timur Merchnichenkocommentator who says since 2007 toEurovision toUkraine And that in 2017, he led the event that took place that year Kyiv.

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