Eurovision 2022 in Turin, all about “Sanremo Europe”

L ‘Eurovision Song Contest It is the most watched non-sporting event in the world: just think that nearly 200 million viewers watched on TV the latest edition of the international music competition that we in Italy consider “Sanremo Europe”.

We Italians, having cheered and won with Måneskin in the 2021 edition, certainly hope for another victory, but above all we can’t wait to be champions. In fact, Italy will host the 2022 edition, with TurinReady to welcome singers and music lovers of all nationalities.

The Eurovision Song Contest is definitely the event of the year in Turin. Curiosity: It was an RAI official in the province of Turin (Eporediese Sergio Pugliese) who suggested creating a European Sanremo-style singing competition. in 1956 This idea becomes a reality with The first edition of Eurovision.

We have come to Edition 66Organized by EBU (European Broadcasting Union), with the participation of 40 artists representing 40 different countries. This year’s theme will be Hello.

here you are All you need to know At the event, both for “couch” viewers and for visitors who leave for Turin to experience this intense, one-off experience live.

Where and when will Eurovision 2022 take place

Eurovision 2022 takes place in Bala Albitur TurinAnd From 10 to 14 May 2022. In particular, 10 and 12 are the days of the semi-finals; In the fourteenth there is a final that will determine the winning nation.

there opinion The events will be broadcast: live TV coverage from 9pm on Rai1, radio commentary on Radio2, and episodes streamed on RaiPlay.

There’s more: for those in Turin, May 7-14Eurovision Village In Parco del Valentino, with free entertainment and concerts for a week of fun, sun and music.

How much does a Eurovision 2022 ticket cost

Speaking of Eurovision tickets, we must first define exactly what types of shows are scheduled. Each of the three evenings has 3 different shows:

  • View the jury: is the show the day before each contest: it is for juries of all nationalities so that they can decide their vote.
  • family showIt is an afternoon show, ideal for families, and is used by artists as a “dress rehearsal” for the evening.
  • live show: is the evening show, which is already on TV (which still follows the previous two shows).

the prices? The Ticket cost Varies according to the type of view and location of the unique venue in the Pala Alpitour. Live performances are the most expensive: admission is in the final range from €150 to €350, while in the semi-finals you can “level out” amounts from €80 to €250.

Jury shows and family shows, on the other hand, have Prices for all budgetsStarting at €20 for low-visibility seats in the semi-finals, up to €150 for the best seats in the final.

Are there still tickets? Here is where to find them

All presales on Ticketone are sold out, but expected to start on April 27 Availability of a new ticket Previously reserved for delegates, fan clubs and sponsors, which was not confirmed in time.

To make a last minute deal, the advice is to check the site daily tiktoonwhich also provides the ability to Selling fanswhere people who can no longer participate make their ticket available, and a tool changing the name.

Who will participate in Eurovision 2022 and the exhibition schedule

Below is a list of Eurovision participating artists, with the official exhibition schedule for the first two semi-finals. We quote in order the nationality, artist and song.

The first semi-final (Tuesday, May 10 at 9 p.m.)

  1. Albania – Runella Hajati – secret
  2. Latvia – City Zeni – eat your salad
  3. Lithuania – Monica Liu – I felt
  4. Switzerland – Marius Behr – boys cry
  5. Slovenia – LPS – disco
  6. Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra – Stefania
  7. Bulgaria – Smart Music Project – intention
  8. Netherlands – S10 – Depate
  9. Moldova – Zdob si Zdub & Fratii Advahov – Trinolitol
  10. Portugal – Maro – Saudade, Saudade
  11. Croatia – Mia Dimsic – guilt pleasure
  12. Denmark – Reddi – Display
  13. Austria – LUM! X ft. Pia Maria – Hello
  14. Iceland – Sestor – Mi Hokande Sol
  15. Greece – Amanda Georgiady Teneford – we die together
  16. Norway – Subwoolfer – Give that wolf a banana
  17. Armenia – Rosa Lynn – Explode, Explode

The second semi-finals (Thursday, May 12th at 9pm)

  1. Finland – Rasmus – Jezebel
  2. Israel- Michael Ben-David I am
  3. Serbia – Konstrakta – in a healthy body
  4. Azerbaijan – Nader Rostamli – Go back
  5. Georgia – Circus Circus – lock me up
  6. Malta – Emma Muscat – I am what I am
  7. San Marino – Achille Lauro – stripper
  8. Australia – Sheldon Riley – Not the same
  9. Cyprus – Andromache – and the
  10. Ireland – Brooke – this is rich
  11. North Macedonia – Andrea – circles
  12. Estonia – Stefan – hopefull
  13. Romania – WRS – ahead
  14. Poland – Ochman – river
  15. Montenegro – Vladana – same
  16. Belgium – Jérémie Makiese – I miss you
  17. Sweden – Cornelia Jacobs – hold me close
  18. Czech Republic – We are Domi – The lights are off

In addition, states willyour palm“Which according to the regulation directly access to the final:

  • Italy – Mahmoud and Blanco – goosebumps
  • France – Alvan & Ahez – Volyn
  • United Kingdom – Sam Ryder – Spider Man
  • Spain – Chanel – Slovakia Mo
  • Germany – Malik Harris – rock stars

25 artists will perform in the final: The top ten winners in the first semi-final, the top ten in the second semi-final, and the “Big Five”. Votes are determined by a mechanism that states a 50% TV And 50% qualified jury From professionals not every nation can vote for its singer.

conductors: Laura Bossini, Mica and Alessandro Cattelan. They can’t miss how Guests I’m Måneskin, who with shut up and good They won in the last version. There will also be Diodato, winner of the 2020 Sanremo Award with the song make a fusswho were unable to participate in the Eurovision Festival has been canceled due to the pandemic.

Of course, the highlightEuroFestival Are the evenings scheduled at the Pala Alpitour. But the rest of the time, what do you do? Here are some suggestions for music lovers…and a walk in the fresh air.

  • Spend an afternoon at Eurovision Village, a real village open to all in Valentino Park, free of charge, with exhibitions and entertainment to fully experience the atmosphere of a major international event. 200 artists, 40 hours of concerts for 8 days from 7 to 14 May.
  • walk SupergaThe cathedral, perched on a hill at 672 meters above sea level, is the perfect place to view Turin from above. You can get there by car, on foot by paths starting from Borgata Sassi, or by taking the “dentera” tram line, Sassi-Superga, for a total cost of 6 euros (or 9 euros at weekends).
  • Visiting museums: “Classics” is Egyptian Museumone of the most important and appreciated museums in the world, and Cinema MuseumWith the possibility of taking an elevator to the top Mole Antoniliana (City symbol, along with Superga) where you can enjoy the city from above.

There is no better year than this Visit TurinIn addition to Eurovision, there are many other international events that make 2022 a special one.

We recall the main ones, for the benefit of those who are considering booking a weekend (or a few more days) to visit the capital of Savoy:

  • Eurovision Song Contestthe most famous European singing competition, May 10-14
  • Book Fairthe largest Italian event dedicated to publishing, May 19-23
  • Turin Jazz FestivalJazz event, June 11-19
  • Today’s FestivalInternational Festival of Independent Music and Rock, August 26-28
  • Club To ClubInternational Electronic Music Festival, 3-6 November
  • ArtesimaItaly’s main contemporary art fair, 5-7 November
  • ATP FinalsTennis Championships with the best players in the world, from 13 to 20 November

In 2022 in Turin, from Eurovision onwards, “something happens” at any moment.

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