Europeans, Wales-Denmark 0-4: Dolberg, Mahely and Braithwaite drag the Nordic players into the quarter-finals.

Amsterdam – Eight goals in two matches, Denmark advance to the quarter-finals, outsmarting Wales (the second Danish goal comes from an action born from a mistake Moore suffered and was not imposed), and now awaits the winner from the Netherlands Sika Republic. To see who he will face in the neighborhoods. Success comes on the Danes’ “birthday”: 29 years ago, today they won their continental title, beating Germany 2-0. It was the success of a lucky loser who recovered in time for Sweden.

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Either winners or losers

History says: either losers or winners. The history and tradition of Wales and Denmark, for the first time against in a final stage of a major tournament of nations. It never happened, neither at the World Championships nor in Europe. Instead it has happened in the League of Nations and on other occasions, ten times to be exact. No shade to paint. That kiss to the sister is not “sexy”.

There is Bale who honors Kjaer in a red shirt, with the dragon, with the ten and in the name of Christian Eriksen. Bale, the ten from Inter and Denmark, knows him well. They played with Tottenham together. fun time. It is also beautiful how many of Queen Margaret’s subjects sing the hymn, but also the few in attendance to support the Cardiff children, none of whom come from the UK. The alternative, you know…

Sports culture teams and peoples

Rituals that touch as people of great athletic culture face each other. But at Seibert’s whistle, the frills ended. The battle begins. Page’s Wales rise better from blocks, maneuver in order and have excessive freedom in their flag-bearers. Mahleh in particular does not seem concerned at all if there is a gentleman named Bill by her side. Nor Westergaard. So Gareth starts strong and gives the first jolt to the match, focusing from the trocar to load the left. Smeichel will be old, but the ball is wide. And oh, the first wonder vanishes like a jet in the sky, leaving only a trace of smoke. It’s a trick…Again Bill focuses and pulls, this time going a little over, and out. In the corner he sees James trying to drop a ball that stops there, halfway, twice repeatedly, twice the wall Kjaer had set up and Christensen catches.

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Wake up, Denmark!

And so Denmark woke up. There is a connection between Hojbjerg and Page’s Shrek named Moore. Hogberg touches his back, the connection is sincere, but enough to impress Seibert, who from that moment on will not concede anything to the Welsh striker. Instead, Hjulmand starts having fun and it shows. He doesn’t have Morten Olsen’s phlegm, he’s not an iceman, he accompanies every movement like a close fan. He enjoys it: Right, given what happened a few days ago…

Dolberg, vent the bad boy who shouldn’t have played

When Maehle trades Damsgaard who jumps twice and serves Dolberg, releasing Dolberg as Bale did before, but precisely, in the corner where Ward doesn’t reach, the Cruyff Arena explodes and Denmark begins their show. It is curious how Denmark has always been able to draw strength from the difficult situations it faces. Dolberg, the “bad boy” they know so well here, didn’t even have to play. And with Paulsen Koe, he became the champion.

Wise handling of the ball

With simultaneous movements, entries, judicious management of the ball, and careful use of physical resources, Denmark controls the game’s operations, attacking: once again Dolberg tries to banish Damsgaard’s raid almost on the back line, finding large hands from Ward to deprive him of ingenuity. Then it’s Mahleh who does the sniping and shooting at close range, Ward gets there and veers to an angle. Welles is betrayed by Ramsay, the mysterious object of the match, Allen and Muriel give the quantum, James has the excuse of getting old, but Aaron can’t be seen. Everything depends on Bill. Little.

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Seibert is wrong, Dolberg appears

At the start of the second half, the critical action: Kjaer steals the ball with a lot (maybe a lot) from Moore’s job, Giant drops, Siebert lets the ball go, ball to Braithwaite who spins far to the right, puts it in the middle, kicks young Williams (who entered Roberts’ place) injured) instinctively diagonally serving Dolberg. It’s exactly the evening of the ugly duckling who turns into a swan, stopping and drying a 2-0 close-range shot. Bell and his comrades protest, but Seibert does not back down even after checking the television.

Bill takes the ball 1 to 2 from Moore

Denmark has a clear path and wisdom to know how to manage. He only miscalculated in the first moments after the double, when, 53 minutes, he was left lopsided (it will happen very few times) for the Welsh counter-attack. Viewing Williams from below, looks like a rehab procedure for the boy, the ball is kissing from the forehead of the giant but, what is Bale doing? , coming from behind like lightning, awkwardly anticipating his attacker, snatching him off the ball that would reopen the race, exit.

The last Wales fires

Still angry Welsh, in the 59th minute, James served in the control area and shoots, but Christensen blocks, Smeichel was not called into question. It’s not really an evening. James again before he closes his evening, pulls off the usual find of the Chelsea defender to block his path. Although Wales have put their soul into it, Denmark is never in trouble, the changes only highlight the difference in quality between the two teams.

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Cornelius, what an approach!

Getting into the game Cornelius, instead of Dolberg, is grandiose: he is unstoppable, the Parma striker (several goals, a lot of disappointment) is insurmountable, he carries his opponents “in groups” at the start of the second half. No date, Wales can’t take it anymore, swinging at Braithwaite 86 center with an empty net, then giving up again in the 88th minute, when Maehle moved to the right after Stryger went out, sitting an opponent and separating him. A two-step surface-to-air missile.

In the end, Wilson loses his head

Welles recalls the movie the match, young Wilson, once inside, goes straight to Maehle with a final mistake: straight red. There is all the frustration of those who contemplate that mistake made for Moore, the sole foothold of a dominant dragon. Poker is also in full recovery, Cornelius assisted Braithwaite’s man, winning diagonally within the area. Line assistant indicates an offside position that Var corrects. Having gone through one of the most dramatic moments of all Europeans, Denmark now continues to build its dream. with full rights.

Wales (4-2-3-1): Ward, Roberts (40′ N Williams point), Mepham, Rodon, Davies, Muriel (15′ St Wilson), Allen, Bill, Ramsey, James (33′ St Brooks), Moore (33′ St Roberts) ct. page.
Denmark (3-4-3): flatter[عامة]Christensen, Keir (32′ Andersen Street), Westergaard; Stryger Larsen (32′ st Boilesen), Delaney (15′ st Jensen), Hojbjerg, Maehle; Braithwaite, Dolberg (24′ st Cornelius), Damsgaard (15′ st Norgaard) Ct.: Hjulmand.
Rule: Sebert (gear).
Networks: 27′ and 48′ Dolberg; 88′ Mahel, 95′ Braithwaite.
NB: Angles: 9 to 1 to restore Denmark: 2′ and 5′. Wilson was fired for bad play. Reservations: Rodon, Moore, Brooks and Bell.

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