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European Union v. AstraZeneca, British lawyer: “It is not necessary to divert the vaccine produced in the United Kingdom”

On the dispute between AstraZeneca and the European Union over the supply of millions of doses of the Coronavirus vaccine by the pharmaceutical company, not even lawyers can reach an agreement. Yesterday, January 29th, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said what had been agreed between AstraZeneca and the European Union was “very clear”, but for some lawyers, it wouldn’t be quite this way. Others indicated that disagreement can persist, to the point where it takes on a conflict character, such as the lack of clarity provided. On the other hand, others supported the manufacturer’s version of whey.

“AstraZeneca is under no obligation to divert supplies”

AstraZeneca is not required to deliver UK manufactured doses to the European Union to make up for lack of orders. This, in short, is the interpretation put forward by some attorneys like James Turner, who specializes in cross-border trade disputes. Lawyer He explained The guardian Under the contract, AstraZeneca was allowed to move only to fulfill the initial EU request 300 million Doses with stocks produced within the European Union. This way the UK can stay out of the bargain.

“It seems to me that in terms of starting doses, AstraZeneca has a good reason to say that there is no need to convert a vaccine produced in the UK,” Turner said, who added: “In essence, the paragraph states quite clearly that AstraZeneca will do the best Its effort to produce initial doses within the European Union ».

UK doses can be customized to the European Union

The copy presented to the English newspaper by Richard Parkinson, a specialist in commercial contracts, is different. According to him, the meaning of the contract is very simple: AstraZeneca had the mission to supply the European Union with 300 million Doses are from different manufacturers, including those in the UK. “There does not appear to be anything in the contract stipulating the priority of UK orders. Therefore, AstraZeneca appears to be in a position where two customers each have a valid right to the dosages produced.”

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