European Union, the Russian oil embargo enters the draft outcome of the extraordinary summit. Urban: “It’s a tough situation.” Von der Leyen: “Low expectations”

Milan – Uncertainty remains over the European green light for the Russian oil embargo. Refer to what has been learned fromDealing From various European diplomatic sources, he entered into the draft results that will be on the table of the extraordinary European summit. The scheme provides for a two-stage oil embargo, the first of which is by sea and the second, which will be implemented only at a later time, for crude oil coming from oil pipelines.

But in the afternoon, more cautious attitudes emerged: “At the moment there is no agreement on the Russian oil embargo,” the Hungarian president said, “We are in a really difficult situation, mainly due to the irresponsible behavior of the European Union Commission.” . Victor Urban. “We have worked hard on the sixth sanctions package, progress has been made and discussions are still ongoing, we are not there yet: I have low expectations for a deal in the next 48 hours, but I think there is a possibility after that,” he said.. to the head of the authority Ursula von der Leyen.

The sixth package of sanctions will be formally finalized anyway after the European summit today and tomorrow, presumably at a new meeting of the 27 permanent representatives. The package also confirms restrictive measures against additional Russian dignitaries and exclusion from the Swift system of other financial institutions in Moscow that Not affected by the sanctions yet. A diplomatic source clarified that the package would also include an oil embargo in the two phases in which this morning’s Coreper meeting reached a first settlement.

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Borrell: “I think there will be an agreement”

The High Commissioner for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, also said he was optimistic this morning. “I think in the afternoon we will be able to present an agreement to the heads of state and government,” he told Radio Info, speaking of the ongoing negotiations to decide on restrictions on Russian oil imports in the sixth package of sanctions against Russia. Borrell was asked if there is a veto from Hungary in the European Council today. “No, I don’t think,” he answered, “in the end there will be an agreement.” “The word embargo is not accurate,” they want to “stop European countries’ purchase of Russian oil,” “we must decide unanimously so that there are negotiations.”

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