European tour to “electrify” the ancient continent

After debuting last November, The new Abarth 500e It now has the task of “electrifying” Europe. We’re talking about the manufacturer’s first electric car, the Scorpion, now in the midst of a tour that will take it to Austria, France and Switzerland after it had already traveled to Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and Portugal. .

A journey that has made the hearts of more than 400,000 people beat faster over the more than 4,000 kilometers traveled. Now, to complete the Tour, there is still another 5,000 km to go according to a route around Europe that comes after the first big public unveiling of the new Abarth 500e during Milan Games Week and Cartomex; The most important Italian event dedicated to video games, electronic sports and the world of comics.

On this occasion, the new 500e Scorpio managed to enthuse more than 150,000 people who were able to admire the first electric Abarth in the history of the brand. By participating in this specific event, Scorpion is cementing its connection with the gaming world as evidenced by the various initiatives that have been launched in recent years, such as the e-sports team called “Team Scorpion”. After debuting at Milan Games Week and CartomixThe electric scorpion has arrived in Germany. Here it was revealed to the national media enthusiastic about the new course taken by the brand manufacturer Scorpion Abarth: “This car is not just remarkable, it is a real design object. I always admire what Italians can do and their ability to create a harmonious design,” said Der Autotester after the event. “.

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The third stage was instead of the Brussels Motor Show where the new Abarth 500e was unveiled. The show, which takes place every two years in Brussels, was attended by more than 270,000 visitors over the course of nine days. The second, fourth, fifth and sixth legs of the tour took place in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain, showcasing Scorpion’s electric power to the media, dealers and clubs. Abarth says the response has been enthusiastic, as the electric car has reached a large audience, both online and offline, generating more than a positive response. The Spanish appointment also saw the participation of the Abarth ambassador: Marc Gené, 24 Hours of Le Mans winner and Formula 1 driver With a career spanning more than two decades.

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The Abarth 500e has already enjoyed great success among enthusiasts

The success of the new Abarth 500e is also confirmed by customer interest. In fact, more than 1,500 copies of Scorpionissima, or Launch Edition, are already reserved online and a few hundred units are still available. A result perhaps unexpected for the brand, also given the vehicle’s characterization It marks one of the most exciting launches in the brand’s history And a great novelty for the Scorpio collection.

Combining performance with power, style and a new sound, thanks to an innovative sound generator with signature Abarth rumble, the new electrified Scorpion turns advanced technology into adrenaline and sustainability into performance. Thanks to its electrified architecture, according to better weight distribution, excellent torque and a more uniform wheelbase, the new Abarth 500e is fast and exciting in urban driving. Both are in the suburbs, which guarantees a very interesting performance. It is, in fact, able to guarantee best-in-class acceleration values, always offering a pleasant ride, fast recharging and a premium design; All this, always and in any case with zero emissions.

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