European Testing Week, May 15-22, free tests for HIV, viral hepatitis and other diseases: here are the cities

European Test Week is a week dedicated entirely to free testing to prevent and control many diseases.

An initiative for health in Europe that many countries have joined, incl Italy. Thanks to this possibility, it will be possible to carry out free tests in various Italian cities from May 15 to 22 for the possible presence of viral infections and diseases.

The campaign is now in its tenth year and made possible by Ben’s efforts 740 organizations active in the region at the European level With the support of the World Health Organization. Estimates say so At least one in five patients You do not know that it is positive, which is why it is important to do analyzes and prevention. Let’s find out together, at this point, some more information.

Free tests in Italy to prevent diseases

Unfortunately, half of all diagnoses come when the virus has already developed. Circumstances change, especially in cases of AIDS. Just think that in Italy the percentage is over 63%! This leads us to believe that free screening of the population is essential.

What do you know about free HIV tests (

from May 15th to 22nd, In fact, in our beautiful country it will be possible to test it in eight cities: Bari, Cagliari, Como, Florence, Livorno, Milan, Turin and Trento. In others, in seats for the night It will be possible to get free kits to take the test and get an early diagnosis. Be very careful, though: Anyone can take a free test. Even those who are abroad, in fact, can visit the official website of the campaign and easily access the dedicated center.

there personify Early, needless to say, life changing. Today, medicine has made great strides forward. Therefore, diagnosis is crucial for timely, clear treatment and management of the disease. On the other hand, it is no coincidence that screening is done for many diseases. Only in this way, in fact, the diagnosis not only allows the infection or virus to be transmitted to others, but also does not allow an exacerbation.

The tests cover HIV, hepatitis, and sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, these are diseases whose existence or even infection is often ignored. And on top of all that, you only realize when the more or less obvious symptoms appear.

To avoid problems, it is better to take these tests for free. In the event of a negative outcome, it will be a small commitment in terms of time, but in the event of a positive outcome, it will be possible to receive the appropriate treatment promptly and get the disease under control.

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