European exchanges are in red. Black shirt in Piazza Avari

News Image (Teleborsa) – A generally negative day for the Euro exchanges, Which they exchange with a minus sign, affixed to Avari Square that does much worse.

L ‘Euro / US dollar It is basically stable and stops at 1,217. L ‘Euros It decreased (-1.07%) and stood at $ 1,869.8 an ounce. Deep red for oil (Light Crude Oil), which continues to trade at $ 51.86 a barrel, down sharply by 2.39%.

Jump over it Spread, Positions itself at +123 basis points, a 5 basis point increase, with a 10-year BTP yield of 0.69%.

It is among the markets of the ancient continent Sellers prey Frankfurt, A decrease of 0.82%, sales focused on LondonSuffering a decrease of 0.73% and increased sales ParisWhich recorded a decline of 1.14%.

Black Day for the Milan Stock Exchange, which is sinking 1.89%; On the same line, a deep red for FTSE Italia All-ShareWhich falls to 23,967 points, down sharply by 1.81%.

Down the Medium hat from FTSE Italia (-1.28%); In the same direction in red FTSE Italia star (-1,14%).

No sector has been preserved in Piazza Avari.

In the menu, sectors Travel and leisure (-3,42%), Technique (-2.69%) e Retail (-2.48%) is among the best sellers.

a An unforgettable day For Avari Square, where all of the blue chips showed a negative performance.

The worst shows are recorded on Tenares, Which gets you -3.99%.

In free fall LeonardoThat drowns 3.41%.

heavy STMicroelectronicsWhich is -3.14 percentage point lower.

Passive seating for UniCreditWhich shows a loss of 3.02%.

At the helm of Italian stocks was A. Mid capAnd the De Longhi (+ 1,77%), San Lorenzo (+ 1,45%), Piaggio (+ 0,96%) e Extremely (+ 0.69%).

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However, the strongest declines occur in AutogrillWhich continues the session at -4.50%.

under pressure IenafIt shows a decrease of 4.36%.

Dramatic seating TencastaWhich is down 4.27%.

Reasonable losses to Row, Down 4.01%.

between Macroeconomic variables Heavier:

Friday 01/22/2021
1:30 Japan: Manufacturing PMI (50 points before)
1:30 Japan: Consumer prices, annual (previous – 0.9%)
8:00 United kingdomRetail Sales, Annual (expected 4%; previously 2.1%)
8:00 United kingdomRetail Sales, MoM (expected 1.2%; previously-4.1%)
10:00 European Union: PMI Services (expected 44.5 points; 46.4 points ahead)
10:00 European Union: Manufacturing PMI (expected 54.5; before 55.2)
10:00 European Union: Composite PMI (expected 47.6 points; ahead of 49.1 points).

(Teleborsa) 22-01-2021 01:00

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