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When rewinding tape, people often think about how much and how Mixed 4×100 has always been a kind of taboo for the Italian swimming team. In some seasons the backhand player was missing, in other seasons the butterfly player was missing and in other seasons the convincing shutdown of the free-swimming. It seemed like an impossible puzzle to piece together.

We had to wait for this.”The generation of phenomenaYes, because we are talking about a group capable not only of facing the rest of the ancient continent and the world at a high level, but also of winning. The results of the latest international competitions speak for themselves:

  • Global gold ahead of the United States with a new European record
  • European gold ahead of France, trailing 4, with a new tournament record.

The times and ways that describe the quality of the specialty that in the truest sense of the term represents the depth of the team. From this point of view, at the male level in particular, Italy is one of the strongest teams on the planet and also relatively small if you think that the date with Paris 2024 is very close:

  • Thomas Ciccone (world and European gold medalist, world record holder) was born in 2001.
  • Nicolò Martinenghi (Universal and European gold for 100 frogs, European and World gold and silver for 50 frogs) was born in 1999.
  • Federico Bordiso (Olympic bronze at 200 Dolphins) was born in 2001.
  • Alessandro Merisi (Multiple European Championship medalist and gold in the short course in the 100 Freestyle) was born in 98.

European rulers! Hurricane Italy sweeps everyone: stellar domination of hybrid SUVs! Ceccon, Martinenghi, Rivolta and Miressi are in trance!

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It is right to assert that in the case of Rome, the magic of this quartet has “affected” others, such as Matteo Revolta. Blue was called up to replace Burdisso by far from the best condition, and he fell gracefully on the part and his contribution was important to the cause. An aspect that is not insignificant, because we understand how the high-level results trigger a simulation mechanism that only Italy can benefit from.

Photo: La Presse

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