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Europe returns to winter. An impending raid in the Arctic accompanied by snowfall at lower altitudes. This is what will happen «3B Meteo

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Winter returns to many countries – spring periods The last few days of . will soon be deleted A late blast of cold air that will cover most of central northern and western Europe in full winter conditions. The last remnants of goodbye will interest United Kingdom, France, GermanyDenmark until Sunday, with temperatures reaching up to 20°C In the south of England, in the French plains and in the German plains, but then everything will change. cold front Driven by the arctic currents It will come from Scandinavia It will gradually occupy all of Northern Europe, bringing harsh conditions from Sunday evening Frost in Finland, Baltic, Poland Where it will snow to a lower altitude, then Between Monday and Tuesday will gradually extend to Scotland, Denmark, Northern Germany, Netherlands Bringing hail and snow to lower elevations, and maybe even close to the ground thanks Snow thunderstorms.

By Wednesday evening The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Poland will all be in winter conditions With snow instability down to lower altitudes and temperatures dropping 10-15 degrees Celsius compared to Monday. Even bad weather will affect Spain too Italia. Between Thursday and Friday, it will be a turn France Bad weather, with snow falling down to the mountainous heights, is expected from Friday. While An unusual heat wave will hit southeastern Europe With a thermal jump of 10 degrees Celsius and more than the beginning of the week. I waited for the first 27-28°C Temperatures over southern Greece, Turkey, eastern Mediterranean, and Black Sea.

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