Europe continues to burn: 660,000 hectares have emit smoke, it’s a record

Europe remains committed to fighting forest fires. Smoke has already erupted on 660,000 hectares of land in the European Union since the beginning of the year, a record since 2006, when satellite data was recorded. Of these, 250,000 are in Spain alone.

The fire that broke out over the weekend in Val d’Epo, Alicante province, where about 1,200 people were evacuated, is still out of control. It has already swallowed 8000 hectares. On the other hand, the situation is stable in Zaragoza, where more than 6000 hectares have been burned.

horrific landscapes

Most of the evacuees will be able to return home soon. The problem is that many Europeans will encounter a horrific sight when they return home. Claudine Goss was evacuated last week in the Gironde region of France.

Claudine Gause, resident of Belen Belet: “It’s so sad because it’s all landscape, all nature, all animals, all plants. It’s sad. We are fortunate to think of those who have lost their homes.”

A house is burning outside London

Due to drought and high temperatures, wildfires are proliferating across the continent, even affecting countries like the United Kingdom.

This Monday, a house burned down Woodham Park Road, not far from London. The reasons for the stake are not clear. The fire broke out quickly and the firefighters did not have time to rescue some of the animals.

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