Euro banknotes, they are on the alert: what is happening? “to caution”

It has been exactly two decades, or twenty years since the adoption of the euro which apparently “suddenly” became a part of our lives, replacing the lira starting in the first months of 2002. origin The single currency actually started several years ago, but it became effective in this specific year, for most of the countries that chose to adopt the euro.

Currency that changes

Even if we are instructed to consider it a “young” currency, also in terms of how long the lira has been around for example (about two centuries ago), it also appears that the currency of the community is constantly evolving, to adapt to the process and concepts. Need. In fact, the continuous exchange of “generation” banknotes and coins is also beneficial for counterfeiting “speakers in the wheel”, but also to enhance the security levels of transactions, also due to a certain trend on the part of criminals, tax evaders, etc., To use “physical” money as a standard payment method by making use of the most important denominations of banknotes.

Euro banknotes, they are on the alert: what is happening? “to caution”

For this particular reason, the second series of community banknotes, known as the Europewhich has replaced banknotes of the first series since 2013, has not confirmed the denomination of 500 euros, which is used mainly by personalities and organizations that usually use a large number of banknotes.

From 2024, as announced by the European Central Bank, the procedures for developing the third series of euro banknotes will begin, through various referendums and proposals by the user countries. According to rumors, it is very likely 200 euro It can suffer the same fate as 500 euros, that is, a “stop” in production, while remaining 100% valid. However, the news will not be long in coming, and it will most likely be related to improving the security level of banknotes, which has long been a problem.

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