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The only aspect of convergence is the duration of the EU Green Corridor travel: 9 months, the Commission is established today in Brussels

European countries are not moving in any particular order to defend themselves from Omicron: there are those who have already reactivated stricter restrictions to contain the crushing wave of the new variant that doubles the infection in 2-3 days. Which instead takes the time and postpones the new pressure until after Christmas. There are those who choose to restore lockdowns and shutdowns and those aiming to push vaccinations. The only aspect of convergence is the duration of the EU travel green corridor: 9 months, the European Union Commission established today. After all, there is no one way against Omicron, the EMA noted, in fact to some extent in favor of Europe’s multifaceted strategy. to report A step back from Hungary: Prime Minister OrbnWhich in May had pulled itself out of the European supply plan for vaccines, is back to demand doses in Brussels.

before christmas

To counter the new alternative, there are those who resort to measures that were thought outdated like lockdowns and curfews: to maintain the health system but also to take time and speed up the recall and vaccination of children. The first European country to see full closure Before the holidays it wasHolland, last Saturday. To followIreland, where the new alternative has already become dominant: Dublin has reintroduced Curfew at 8 pm.
partial closure in DenmarkWhere record injuries were recorded: The Prime Minister announced Closure of cinemas, theaters and parksIn addition to reduced opening hours for cafes and restaurants.

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In Spain Catalonia intends to re-impose drastic measures on Christmas Eve: from nightclubs and bars closed on Fridays and curfews. Barcelona also announced that the capacity of restaurants, entertainment and cultural venues will be reduced, and social gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 10 people.. Restrictions imposed to give health centers a period of rest. And although the vaccination rate above 12 is close to 90%, infections are increasing rapidly across Spain, where yesterday they jumped to 609 per 100,000 inhabitants. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez called for an emergency video summit on Wednesday afternoon with the heads of the autonomous regions to assess the situation. Among the proposals on the government’s table is the obligatory use of the mask also abroad.

New restrictions before Christmas but selective in a SwissOnly those who have been vaccinated and treated will have access to restaurants, cinemas, fitness centers and museums.

Close after Christmas

Germany It should announce new restrictions today, after Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s meeting with Lnder chiefs. While the measures already in place mainly concern the non-vaccinated, the upcoming measures target Minimize contact even between vaccinated persons. According to the draft agreement, From December 28, family reunification will be limited to a maximum of 10 peopleProvided they are all vaccinated. On the other hand, non-vaccinated people will be able to invite a maximum of two people. Sports events will be held without an audience. On the other hand, there should be no closure of bars, restaurants and shops that, in any case, will continue to restrict access to those who have been vaccinated or recovered.
The recall campaign is running with an average of about 1 million vaccines administered per day in the past week, the highest level of the epidemic to date. But the percentage of those who completed the first course stood at 70.3%, lower than the 75% minimum set by the government.

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Instead he is thinking of full closure After holidays or vacations Austria . An announcement in this regard and on the restrictions imposed on the New Year’s Eve celebrations expected tomorrow after the meeting of Chancellor Karl Nahammer, Minister of Health Wolfgang Mikstein and Minister of Tourism Elisabeth Koestinger with the governors of the states of the states of the nine states of Lander. .

France Which has already canceled New Year’s celebrations on the Champs Elysees now does not rule out bypassing the current measures. The infection rate set a new record in France, with 537 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, including 1 in 3 cases linked to Omicron. Last week, French Prime Minister Jean Castix announced the adoption of a law Super green pass, which are of importance in the vaccine only, not the swab.

Also entry stores for EU travelers

Omicron’s advance has already led to Italy, Portugal, Greece and Ireland imposing a stopper at the entrance even for vaccinated travelers from EU countries. Unlike France and Germany, which ruled out adopting this measure. We remain committed to the proper operation of the common space, so we do not rely on conducting PCR tests on European countries, but on the third countries that they have identified. Schulz also follows the same line: freedom of movement in Europe is important. But Belgium, Estonia, Finland and the Netherlands are allegedly pressing Brussels for a timely review of border rules in light of Omicron’s rapid roll-out.

Great Britain

Finally, even if it is outside the EU now, there is still a climate of expectation in the UK about the drastic measures that will be taken: Prime Minister Boris Johnson, without yet announcing them, has flatly refused to rule them out, reserving every option should the need arise, including the option of a new shutdown or a quasi-lockdown. Certainly, meanwhile, there New Year’s Eve celebrations in Trafalgar Square canceled .

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