Etcheverry, arrested in Germany then tested positive for Covid

Argentine n. 144th in the world, the winner of two competitions in Italy this summer, spent a lot of time in Europe and was sent off after a night in handcuffs in Cologne. She landed at home, and she tested positive

A bad adventure for Argentine tennis player Tomas Echeveri rated FedEx 144 and the protagonist of the Italian summer competition. After his defeat at Challenger in Banja Luka on September 11, the 22-year-old packed his bags and traveled to Poland where he was going to play in Szczecin. But his journey turned into an ordeal.


In an interview with the newspaper Today De la Plata, Echeveri, who played the Italian Challenger Championships from May to August and also won the titles in Perugia and Trieste, said: “After playing in Banja Luka, I was going to move to Poland to play in the Szczecin Challenger. I had to cross Germany. Everything was normal until At the airport, when they asked for my passport, they put me aside. Then two policemen arrived who explained to me that I had exceeded the EU residence limit and had to be expelled.” Echeveri was handcuffed and taken to a police station in Cologne, where he stayed in his cell for just over 24 hours. Wary of what had happened, ATP executives intervened to try to solve the problem: “I unintentionally made a mistake. They treated me well, but I felt like a criminal. As soon as they told me I was free, I boarded the first plane back to Argentina.”


Once he reached his destination, the 22-year-old tested positive for Covid-19. It was another surprise. During my stay in Europe and the US, they gave me countless swabs, all negative. They took me in a private taxi to a hotel in Buenos Aires, where I was isolated in a room for ten days.” Now everything is over and Echeveri is ready to go back to the pitch in Buenos Aires.

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